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 The Boss Mister Cross

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Officially Sinister

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PostSubject: The Boss Mister Cross   Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:21 pm

THE BOSS Mister...Cross!

(Mister Cross is backstage in his exclusive office. He has his legs
propped up and he is watching TV until he notices the camera and begins
to smile a bit)

Welcome welcome welcome ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to properly
introduce myself to Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. I am the SHOWTIME
general manager, the one in charge, the evil mastermind is what some
people call me. But the fact of the matter is controversy creates money.
So I'm pretty sure you all seen what I did to Phillip Phillips last
night on SHOWTIME. But it was to do better for the company, why? Because
I LOVE Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. We all knew Anton was winning
regardless so why even bother crying and complaining emailing me that
Phillip Phillips got screwed...I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ALL THINK. You
haven't been in this wrestling game as long as I have so I know exactly
what I am doing folks. My mind runs 1000 miles per hour. Just thinking
and thinking of what will take this company to the highest level and
that man is Luke Lethal! I mean look at this man, he has all the
potential in the world and I am going to showcase it to everybody. And
at the end of the day you will all thank me for keeping this company
afloat. So yeah for now I must go think of more wonderful ideas. See you

(Camera fades to black)

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The Boss Mister Cross
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