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 Austin Cross officially ARRIVES!

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Austin Cross

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PostSubject: Austin Cross officially ARRIVES!   Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:22 pm

Cross sprinted down the ramp, slapping hands with all the fans. He slid into the ring with ease, then proceeded to bounce of the ropes. He climbed the top turnbuckle and raised both arms, then did it to the rest of them. finally, he grabbed a Mic from a SWE Official and paused for a moment. "HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!" The fans cheered. "I've come out here today to announce I'm going to be in my first Sinister Wrestling Entertainment Match, against BOTH Mr. Reckless and "The Maine Attraction". I'll be honest. I haven't scouted these guys, faced them before, or even seen a match. But that doesn't matter. I can rely on both my skill and you guys, the fans. You've always been there for me." The fans cheered him on, and he countinued. "And another thing, how come I haven't heard of either of these guys before. I've been all over the world, from New Japan to TNA to EWF, and I've never even heard these guys mentioned. I'VE been the #1 Superstar in NUMEROUS magazines and Websites. Do you want to know why? Because i'm the BEST in the world. I can beat anyone, because everyone underestimates me. Even though I'm only 5'6 and 160 lbs., I can beat your ass and break your arm in a matter of seconds. But that's the thing, guys. YOU don't underestimate me. You cheer me on, you buy my merchandise, you want my Autograph. And i'll happily give it, because YOU are the reason I do this." He paused as the fans Cheered loudly. "Well, and so I can kick posers like "The Maine Attraction"'s ass." At that moment, Cross dropped the Mic and left, and the fans cheered him all the way up the ramp.
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Austin Cross officially ARRIVES!
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