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 Mr. Reckless Backstage.

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Rex Reckless
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PostSubject: Mr. Reckless Backstage.   Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:32 pm

We see Mr. Reckless in a dark room,in his locker room space.His head bowed down...

It looks like he is just with his eyes closed and mumbling words to himself.

" Another me...there will NEVER be anything like Mr Fucking Reckless...Modest to the top...yeah Im already there...The time has come for words..."

He stands up But he doesnt face the camera.

"Tonight,I face Greg Samuels and Austin Cross.I have no fucking idea who Greg is,but I have somewhat a knowledge of Austin Cross.Man,its good to have him in yet another promotion,and to get this company a good name!As you all know,I wanted compition...well I get to verse a nobody and a somebody.And that means,One of us three will win.And who knows?Maybe Mr. Reckless will still be undefeated!"

Reckless turns around only to reveal a wicked face of a warrior with colors of the rainbow on his face

"You guys want to see...Reck...Less...Ness...well you've got it...This face...this face...not only is it horrible...its your worse nightmare...its the face of...A HEAVEN'S DEMON!!!
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Mr. Reckless Backstage.
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