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 Rex Reckless Live From a Local Club in Downtown New York

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Rex Reckless
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Rex Reckless

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PostSubject: Rex Reckless Live From a Local Club in Downtown New York   Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:41 pm

We see a clock strike 12:00AM,that means midnight,but for Rex Reckless...it means party like there was no tomorrow!

Rex Reckless:
"Hey my dudes,check out this club bro!"

A chick walks up by him,handing him over a bottle of wine

Rex Reckless:
"Thanks Teena."

Teena Ferrari:
"Anytime Rex!"

Rex Reckless:
"Now,this week I've done nothing but GYM TAN and WRESTLE A.K.A GTW my bro. Anyways..."

*Rex pops the cork off the bottle of wine*

Rex Reckless:

"Heel yeah my dude,now its a party!Ladies,enjoy yourselves,I've got this."

*All the people in the back of Rex go off to the bar area of the club*

Rex Reckless:
"Now listen bro,I've got a match with that drunk ass Reed Zimmer,which I could work off beer within a week if went to the gym everyday,but him...I don't see him working it off."

*Rex pulls off his sunglasses from his face and puts on a serious face*

Rex Reckless:
"Sei bro sul serio?Are you serious bro?Its gonna be ME who becomes the number one contender this week on Showtime!Reed,once you get a taste of my Brofist...your gonna wish I never did!And that right there my bro,is not a rumor...its a damn fact!I mean look at me bro...I've got the chicks,the bod,the talk,and the looks to prove it,Reed...nah he ain't got nothin' on the Italian Sensation,all across the nation,for the reputation...Rex Reckless!"

*Rex fist-ups intill the camera fades and Teena,Rex,along with the crowd at the club go out to drink the night off*

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Rex Reckless Live From a Local Club in Downtown New York
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