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 The Age of Lethal I

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Luke Lethal
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Luke Lethal

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The Age of Lethal I Empty
PostSubject: The Age of Lethal I   The Age of Lethal I I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 1:35 am

The scene fades in from black and the camera is on the face of Luke Lethal. The camera then zooms out and we see that Luke is sitting in a chair inside of his office at his house. He just got finished watching Phillip Phillips' promo on YouTube. He's wearing a white long sleeved t-shirt with blue horizontal stripes and black Levi pants. He turns to the camera and smirks. He then begins to speak.

Luke Lethal
Phillip Phillips are you serious? You honestly believe that you will be the guy to walk out of Sadistic Six as the SWE World Champion?
Luke Laughs You Canadians must be more dumb than I thought. You know Phillip I didn't think that I was that important to you enough for you to cut damn-near half a promo about me. And to show my thanks, at Sadistic Six I'm going to give you a present. But Phillip instead of surprising you I'll just tell you now. Phil at Sadistic Six my present to you will be me beating you to not even an inch, but a third of the miserable life that you live. See Phil you have said some pretty cruel things about me. Some things like I'm an ass-kisser, I'm a Lethal Loser, I'm pathetic, hell you even questioned my sexuality. But you wanna know something Phillip? Those things you've said about me were nothing but words. Do I talk alot about my opponents? Hell yea, but unlike you Phillip I can actually back up those words inside the ring. Now like I said before you called my an ass-kisser. Luke Laughs Of all the horrible things that I am, I am not an ass-kisser. See Phil an ass-kisser is someone who does everything in their power to try to please someone. And a couple of days ago I said: "Mister Cross has put together a card that is designed to entertain you all." Phil that is not ass-kissing. That is just saying that The card at Sadistic Six was built to entertain the fans. I didn't say "This is the best card in the whole entire world" or "Mister Cross was the most brilliant man in the world for booking all these talented superstars together." So Phil how about you take a look into the mirror and see who the real ass-kisser is. Phillip you do everything in your power to try to please these fans night after night after night. And for what? Little 4 or 5 year old kids cheering your name? Phil the last time I checked professional wrestling wasn't a popularity contest. It was something men do to see who not only had bark, but bite as well. And lately Phil you've just been all bark. So Phil in 2 days I won't be worried about those other ass-clowns. I'll just be worried about kicking you ass across the border and back to that moose piss smelling country you came from. Because Phil you can not and will not DEFY DESTINY!!!

Luke gets up from his desk and walks out the room. The scene then fades to black.

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The Age of Lethal I
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