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 The Age of Lethal II - Final Thoughts

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Luke Lethal
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The Age of Lethal II - Final Thoughts Empty
PostSubject: The Age of Lethal II - Final Thoughts   The Age of Lethal II - Final Thoughts I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 1:26 am

The scene fades in from black. Josh Matthews is seen backstage standing next to Luke Lethal in the interview area. Luke has on his wrestling attire on with a white towel hanging on his neck. Josh then smiles and he begins to speak.

Josh Matthews
Hello SWE Universe! I am Josh Matthews standing alongside with one of the six competitors for tonight's Main Event, Luke Lethal. Luke tonight you will take on Phillip Phillips, Anton Hinston, Rocky Ali, Sean Classic, and either Mercy Montanna, Reed Zimmer, or Johnny English. Luke what is your game plan going into a match like this?

Josh raise the microphone towards Luke's mouth.

Luke Lethal
Well Josh my game plan is to do what I have done since I signed here to SWE. And Josh that is win at all cost. See Josh I'm the Pablo Picasso of professional wrestling. See the ring is my canvass and every move I do inside the ring is like a stroke of a brush. And Josh by the end of the match I have created a masterpiece.

Luke smirks and Josh lowers the microphone back towards his mouth.

Josh Matthews
So Luke with that being said, by the end of the night will the New Era have three of the four championships here in SWE?

Josh raise the microphone towards Luke.

Luke Lethal
Are you serious Josh? Do you honestly think that David and I won't win our matches and win the Television Championship and the World Championship? I mean Josh the New Era does consist of the best talent that Sinister Wrestling Entertainment has to offer. I can't believe you would ask such a question.

Josh Matthews
You know Luke speaking of the New Era it sees that Anton Hinston has an interest in joining up with you guys. Will it happen?

Luke smirks

Luke Lethal
Well it seems like Anton Hinston has finally found out what he needs to do in order to succeed in this business. See Anton realized that Phillip Phillips' little tag team partner was getting him no where. So he broke all connections with Phillips and decided to do his own thing. And now little Phillip doesn't have anyone to watch his back or help him out later on tonight. So Phil I guess your screwed.
Luke Laughs But as for Anton joining the New Era, I guess David and I will have to talk that out and decide if Anton has what it takes to be part of not only the biggest force in SWE, but the future of wrestling.

Luke walks off and out the camera's view.

Josh Matthews
Thank you Luke Lethal.

The scene then fades to black.

The Age of Lethal II - Final Thoughts Llyccd2-1

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The Age of Lethal II - Final Thoughts
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