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 It's Okay in a Five-Way

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CZ Thrust
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CZ Thrust

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PostSubject: It's Okay in a Five-Way   It's Okay in a Five-Way I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 10:09 pm

The scene fades in with a man, dressed in a large grey hoodie, covering his face, and sweat pants, as the man jogs at a fast pace up what seems like an endless amount of steps. The more he goes on, the more tired he gets, as the man begins to slow down to catch his breath, completely stopping at one point, and as he kneels down to catch his breath some more, CZ Thrust, wearing nothing but a tiny white towel covering his groin area, dashes up the steps faster than Rainbow Dash hitting the Sonic Rainboom. Thrust has the same expression on his face that he had during his match with Alice Creed, as it seems to be the only expression he knows. Not slowing down for anything, Thrust, thinking the moment was right, begins singing at the top of his lungs, "It's the penis of Thruster, it's the sexiness of the fight!" Thrust stops after that line however, as he has no idea what the other line of the song is, but to keep the joy of singing, Thrust continues to hum the instrumentals to 'Eye of the Tiger' on his way up. The hundreds of steps finally reach an end, as Thrust makes it to the top, where he finds a large pink building, with the words 'CZ's House of Thrust' engraved on it, and a statue of Thrust spreading his legs in victory sits right outside, on top the flight of steps. CZ Thrust leans on the right leg of the statue to catch his breath, as he raises his right arm in victory, and puts the left inside the tiny towel to 'check his pulse.'

Sitting down on the top step, Thrust wipes the sweat off of his face with one quick swipe of the hand, and glances over at the camera. "In case any of you sexy people were wondering why I made Mr. Cam Raman film me running up a flight of stairs, I did it for two reasons, one so that I can make an epic montage and put it in a CZ Thrust Video Porno...Promo... I said promo, and also because after I suffered my very first loss at the hands of Alice Creed, I looked at myself in the mirror... or at least a part of myself in the mirror... if you catch my drift." While keeping the very same expression on his face, Thrust winks to the camera. "I said to myself, 'Sh*t Thrust, get it together,' and now I face arguably my biggest challenge yet, I face four other men, in a 'Sexual 5-Way Match,' I'm still trying to get that name official with SWE." Squeezing his pec as he says that, Thrust slowly licks his lips while staring at the camera. "With this being my biggest challenge yet, I decided to take this seriously, I decided to spend the whole week working out, preparing for this one match! I shot more footage, but according to SWE officials, we can't air that footage on television."

Getting up from the step, Thrust puts his hands on his hips and looks out at the view from way up on top the steps, as wind blows furiously, making the towel that's tied tightly around his waist flap back and forth. "Today, I step in the ring with four fierce competitors, four muscular... oiled up... sweaty men... in the same ring with me... as Coma would say, 'Baby, Baby , Baby, OOOHHHH'" Once again, the hand of the man too sexy for Free TV starts feeling up the body of Thrust, this time grabbing his six pack of abs. "Theo Brodsky, you may be a Pilot Officer, but 'Thrust me' you have never flown anything as big as my 'Ding Ding Dong,' so tonight, I'm going to take you for a ride, and we'll go all night long! The second man I will meet in the ring, Ultimo Pingu, all I have to say to you is that once I beat you, it will be the 'Ultimo Pin....'" Scratching the back of his head, Thrust looks from side to side, as if he was waiting for a CSI Miami 'YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH' to hit, but instead all he gets is awkward silence, as even Mr. Cam Raman shakes his head at the horrible attempt at a joke. "Moving on... James Calvine, you may be the New Era's 'Bodyguard' but it's your body that's going to need to be guarded, cause my crotch is headed full force for your face, and a 'sexysplosion' will happen when the two forces collide, knocking you right out. Finally, the fourth competitor in my match, Leon Young, normally the feds keep me at a 20 feet distance from 'Young' people at all time, but I got you in a match, so it'll be no good! Chris Hansen said I'm safe on this one, so no mercy will be shown to you Leon! Standing above this heap of bodies once the bell rings will be me, as my hand, and I'm sure my 'tra la la' will be raised, and I get back on track here in the SWE! No time to mess around though, I have more training to do, I am about to go 'wrestle' four other people in my bed to prepare! The Era of Thrust will soon be upon us if all goes to plan, because in 'The Thrust We Trust!'" Without a second glance, Thrust turns around and heads into the 'House of Thrust,' loosening his towel on the way in.
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It's Okay in a Five-Way
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