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 Welcome to the Freakshow! #2 (Opening Tag match)

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Welcome to the Freakshow! #2 (Opening Tag match) Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Freakshow! #2 (Opening Tag match)   Welcome to the Freakshow! #2 (Opening Tag match) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 20, 2011 12:24 pm

The promo started with Coma packing some stuff in a suitcase. He was in a dingy little room with the walls looking like they were mouldy and about to collapse at any given moment. Then there was a knock on the door and a weird looking man walked in. He was in the previous promo, his name was Gangle, he was the Ringmaster.

Gangle: I heard that you were going away. Thanks for telling me first. I’m sure you were going to... but something came up?

Gangle didn’t sound happy at all. If the look on his weird face didn’t already give it away, the tone of his voice certainly did. Coma looked like he was uncomfortable. You could see by the way he was packing his things that there was something off about the whole situation.

Coma: I was going to tell you before I left. I’m not as ungrateful as you’re trying to make me out to be.

At this point, Gangle walked over, grabbed Coma by his arm and turned him around. Gangle still didn’t look any happier.

Gangle: I don’t expect much from my... troupe. But I certainly hope that you guys at least have a minimum of respect for me. I may be harsh sometimes, but I’ve always been fair. Have I not?

Oh, that made Coma feel so guilty. The look on Coma’s face and the way he looked away when Gangle talked to him. That was guilt!

Coma: I’m sorry. I guess I was just... you know... I didn’t know how to tell you. You’ve been very kind to me and you’ve given me a place to call home. But I’ve been feeling very... empty lately. Like I’m just going through the motions. This new... venture... could turn out to be great. It certainly sounds exciting and all. So... I hope you’re not too mad at me.

Now it was Gangle’s turn to feel a bit guilty. He didn’t mean to be so hard on Coma of course. But it was tough for Gangle to see his favourite protege leave the troupe.

But then, there was a twist! Just as Gangle was softening up his gaze, Coma bursted out laughing. He was having a laughing fit! Gangle looked very confused. Coma shook his head and did his best to contain his bad case of the giggles.

Coma: Oh God, did you actually believe that? Man, you’re an even bigger sucker than I thought you were.

Gangle: What are you talking about? What are you saying?

At this point Coma had finished packing his one suitcase and was ready to leave the Underground Circus. He looked at Gangle in the eyes with disdain and a touch of disgust.

Coma: I used you, old fool. I needed a place to crash and free food. You offered both and more. You offered me protection, you pretty much treated me like a prince. You were so happy to have a son figure in your life that you surrendered to me. You are pathetic. You were so easy to manipulate. And now... I’ve been offered a better deal. I’m off to greener pastures. You will be nothing but some distant bad memory for me. You suck, I win.

Now Gangle looked mighty pissed off. He was ready to slice Coma’s head off and play soccer with it.

Gangle: How dare you speak to me like that?! I am the Ringmaster! I treated you like my own son! And this is how you repay me? How can---

Gangle didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Coma’s foot slapped his face. HARD. And Gangle went flying to the side of the room, hitting the wall. Almost breaking it. Gangle slumped to the floor, his eyes all teary, his face all hurt. Coma smirked a cocky superior smirk.

Coma: Return to your pathetic life, worm. Watch me shine and become the brightest star you’ve ever seen. Let’s never see each other again. Okay?

Coma stared at Gangle. Gangle looked away, his heart broken into a million pieces by the one person he could call his ‘favourite’.

Coma: Okay. Glad we understand each other. Goodbye.

And with that, you saw Coma walking out of the room, slamming the door behind him as the Ringmaster melted into a mess of sobs and tears. Poor guy. Coma was such a bastard!

The promo then cut to Coma getting on the train in the subway. He had a magazine in his hands as he sat down, his suitcase tucked under his legs. He opened the magazine and that’s when we saw that it was a wrestling magazine. Coma flipped through the pages.

Coma: Well, they all look like dickheads. Should be fairly easy to dominate that place. Jeez, look at that bitch... learn to say no to excess makeup. And who’s that? Danish Dream? Are you for real? Who gives a crap about the Danish, seriously? What else is there... CZ ‘Thrust’? Where do they find these people? They’re all jokes. They haven’t seen real power yet. They haven’t been truly threatened. Man, I can’t wait to destroy them.

A few passengers on the train glanced at Coma with puzzled looks on their faces. Coma glared at them and they stopped their staring and their glancing.

Coma: I hope this SWE place is not a bore. According to that idiot I talked to, Tyler McKnight, the SWE is a good place to be. Great competition (yeah, right) and they pay well too. Nothing but upsides. And I’m sure that once I get my hands on the main championship title, I’ll be treated like a real prince. Like a King, even. Hehehe. I can’t wait. Those fuckers won’t know what hit them. Coma’s feet will be the death of them all.

Coma placed his arms on top of the seats next to him and looked at the city skyline through the window. It looked quite spectacular at night with the lights and all that. Coma smirked, thinking of his future in the SWE.

Coma: Let the fun begin...

He smiled, shuffling his feet. The promo video faded out there with his entrance music playing for a bit. It was a short promo but hey...

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Welcome to the Freakshow! #2 (Opening Tag match)
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