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 Ain't got time to play games

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Anton Hinston
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Anton Hinston

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Ain't got time to play games Empty
PostSubject: Ain't got time to play games   Ain't got time to play games I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 8:45 am

The camera fades in on a door. The camera showes the sign on the door that says: ''Anton Hinston''
The door open and out walks the name on the sign, Anton Hinston. He was wearing his normal street clothes:
Cowboy jeans, black leather Converse, black sunglasses that covered the eyes so they couldn't be seen. He was wearing his new 'Hate' T-Shirt. When he walked out he didn't notice the camera because he was texting at his phone. It was and HTC Wildfire S. He continued to walk and the camera followed him. Still not looking at the camera, Anton started speaking:

Anton Hinston
Well if it isen't my sweet, sweet brother Matt that asked if I could get him into Sinister again. Well I can't, he'll have to ask Cross. And not Austin. Austin is just a loser like Phillip. David and I showed all of the 'Haters' that New Era is the most dominant force in Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. Two week ago I had a match that I had to win. I had to because now I have a World Heavyweight Championship match at Livewire. And just like two weeks ago, I will destroy Phillip. Both at Livewire and tonight. 'Cause tonight I have a winner-chooses-the-stipulations match. And that too will be a hard match, I know. Phillip is a great wrestler. If he weren't would he had been able to beat Luke? No.

Anton turned around a corner and entered the interview area.

Josh Matthews
Hello Anton, thank you for meeting with me

Anton Hinston
It's my 'Hate' to be here.

Josh Matthews
Last week Martin Rack addressed you for the second week in a row without you taking the time to answer him. Why did you put up with the stuff he said?

Anton got a serious look on his face, as he pondered the question.

Anton Hinston
He has to make an impact. So he goes after the big guy. I have more important things to do that to set a kid straight.

Josh Matthews
But he also says that, and I'm quoteing: ''...Phillip is simply just better than you. You even face Phillip one-on-one in a Falls Count Anywhere match. When you couldn't win, Luke tried to help you and you still lost.'' - Are Martin right? Are Phillip better than you?

Anton looked at Josh with a suprised look.

Anton Hinston
''Are Phillip better than you?'' What question is that? No he's not! I'm the Danish Dream and come Livewire I will win the World Heavyweight Championship. Simple as that.

Anton looked like he was about to go but Josh asked yet another question

Josh Matthews
Will you be addressing Martin Rack soon? When will you two be in the ring together?

Anton Hinston
I will answer both questions with the same answer: I don't have the time to play games with guys like Martin. He want to play with the big boys and win the big championships. I understand that. But before he can do that, he got to show what he's worth.

Anton, this time walked of before Josh could ask any further questions. He continued to walk of until he came to a door with the sign ''Martin Rack'' on it..
The camera faded black


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Ain't got time to play games Wi53b4
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Ain't got time to play games
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