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 The Sinister Snapshot

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Ayria Adams
Ayria Adams

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PostSubject: The Sinister Snapshot   The Sinister Snapshot I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 10:51 pm

The Sinister Snapshot Mary-elizabeth-winstead-as-ramona-flowers_480x480

Welcome everyone to the VERY~WERY first episode to SWE very own interactive show, “THE SINISTER SNAPSHOT!” Ohh Yeah!!!! Let’s get it on!!! For some and by some I mean all of you who don’t know what The Sinister Snapshot is it’s this. Every week I will go over the rankings, who’s hot & who’s not! But wait, I don’t stopy-woppy there, I will give you things from Showtime such as...

Best Match:

Best Segment:

Best Spot:

Ayria’s WTF moment:

Superstar of the Night:

Annnnnddddd interview one Superstar or Stunner if they decide to pay me any attention what so ever!


Best match of the night honors go to none other than the opening match Mike Cole vs Theo Brodsky. Now I know what you guys are saying. ARE YOU HIGH AYRIA?! Maybe… but think about it. You had technical , you had high flying, exciting moments. Good vs Evil! Evil vs Good! Mono e mono. And one of the best finishers in SWE, ZE DOUBLEZ JUMPZ MOONSAULTZ!

Best segment, weellllll there wasn’t really any segments this week but give a giant 1-UP award to Damon Moore’s commentary. Five time! Five time! Five time! Five time! Five time! Commentary Champion! WOOT WOOT! I feel you D- Mizzle. Kevin Darby, step your game up!

Best Spot of the night belongs to..drumroll please!
Ayria vanishes and comes back with a ‘Scouter’ from Dragon Ball Z on her head.

“STOP! Your power level is OVER 9,000!” That was “UHHHH”mazing! I was like ZOMG DRAGON BALL Z Meets Wrestling! W00t! Gotta love that Hana Brightly

My WTF moment of the night, easy… Can we replay it? Do we have footage back there?

“The match fades as Alice crawls herself out the ring, keeping her entire focus on a fallen CZ Thrust into the ring. Fidgeting, Thrust's pelvis irks up and down, telling the audience that despite the result, his thrusting days still weren't over.”

Need I say more. MOVING ON!

Superstar of the night, this was a hard one. Many great choices out there but I would have to go with Reed Zimmer. Say what? Reed Zimmer? That’s right Reed Zimmer? He defeated Christian Starr Phillips faster than I can say his name. CSP – Sorry about your damn lu- Oh? We don’t have copyrights to those either? Sorry guy’s didn’t learn my listen from Damon Moore and Kevin Derby. MOVING ON! WOOT WOOT!

Now with Ayria’s Awesome Awards out of the way it’s time for the – That’s Right! – POWER RANKINGS DUN DUN DUN!

SWE Heavyweight Champion: P.P <-- Yes, it sounds funny to me too.

01. I have Reed Zimmer as my #1 thus far. Why? Well because he’s on a winning streak and keeps on streaking, with clothes on I mind you. GET THIS GUY A TITLE SHOT ALREADY. The person that is contending for the title has a losing record of 3 wins and 4 losses. What gives SWE? Reed is 6-1! 6 AND 1!!!

02. NUMBA 2! Martin Rack THE MEAN MACHINE! Won against Eli Thomas in a tough match and is really showing his worth.

03. Hana Banana Brightly. OVER 90- Okay I’ll stop! But yes, Hana took on the Hardcore champion and won. Why isn’t he the hardcore champion? I dunno, beats me.

04. That leads me to NuMbA Fo! Yes, I said Fo! T-Bro! The Pilot of something or another. My prediction is that it won’t be long before he double jump moonsaults his way up the power rankings

05. Last but not least for the Superstar division Austin Cross! Rex Reckless, who seems to look different everytime I see him might still be in the ring saying “ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO?” Yes, I AM serious.

Now because I was informed that Stunners now have their own title and will not be allowed to compete for the World Heavy Title which is total cow poopy. I’ve decided to give them their own ranking.

01. NUMERO UNO! THE SINISTA SISTA ALICE CREED! RAWWRRR 2-0 as she continues to send people down the hole. Hey, that kinda rhymes. Rock on!

02. Violet Evans, full of spunk and a healthy fear of cereal because everyone, cereal makes you fat! Violet looks forward to her showdown against Alice Creed at Livewire!

03. Amanda Maxwell, Not much is known about her she looks to be force as does everyone who is new.

04. Kinley Beau, other than her weird name, she is stands “picture perfect” at the bottom of the rankings until she can prove herself.

Now I know some of you weren’t listening to a thing I said and if you are tivo’ing this you are probably fast forwarding to Your Favorite “Girlfriend” Hana Brightly brought to live via skype! W00t W00t!

Hana are you there? Hana? Haaannnaaaa? Guys did we get her? Oh we did? Oh okay there she is. Hulllooo Hana!

Wait what? Still no Hanner Bananer?

Director Yoshiko: Sorry Ayria, she said she couldn’t breath and wasn’t feeling too hot.

BAAAH!!! Okay you guys well sorry for getting your hopes up for those wanting to chat with Your Favorite Girlfriend but maybe next week. With that I take my leave. Stay tuned for next week everyone! Live long! Be fruitful! Live life! AND ROCK ON!

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Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Re: The Sinister Snapshot   The Sinister Snapshot I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 11:48 pm

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CZ Thrust
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CZ Thrust

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PostSubject: Re: The Sinister Snapshot   The Sinister Snapshot I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 2:31 am

...that was awesome
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PostSubject: Re: The Sinister Snapshot   The Sinister Snapshot I_icon_minitime

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The Sinister Snapshot
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