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 Reed talks about Showtime

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Reed Zimmer
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Reed Zimmer

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Reed talks about Showtime Empty
PostSubject: Reed talks about Showtime   Reed talks about Showtime I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 4:53 pm

Reed is seen in a hotel getting a room
Reed Zimmer
How is it that a man like me who has been on a roll as of late.Is just now getting a number one contenders match!I want to know why I am just now getting a shot!So this is just another shout out to my dude Rex Reckless!I want you to know that come Showtime I have a special surprise for our match,I can't wait to show you what it is.I will tell you one thing that is that I will come out on top.Oh and London I hope your not just over looking me,just because your the haedcore champion.If you do it will be the worst mistake you have ever made.
Reed opens the door with a key,and drops his bags.
Reed Zimmer
Oh it is good to be in this hotel tonight.Why?Because I can hang loose and do what I do best DDD.Rex back to the surprise.It is gonna be HUGE. MAN!!!!I really can't wait untill I get to show you what it is.Rex I've got to ask you what makes you want to live the life you do.Is it the money,girls,drinks.If you're wondering let me enlighten you.Lets see why do I live my life like I do.....EVERYTHING!!!!!!!You know Rex I can't rember the last time I thought I might actually might have to try to beat someone.
Reed plops down onto the bed,and pulls a beer from one of his bags,and starts to drink it.
Reed Zimmer
Man...thats good stuff.You know Rex I wonder how them funky looking drinks taste,not anything compared to a good'ol Budwieser.Now back to wrestling.You may be the biggest challange in two months.I-I'm actually scared I might lose this one.HAHAHAHA who am I kidding me losing,that is funny.London you have very fancy cars while I have a rusty-old pickup truck.I would say you think money buys everything.You're half right money dosen't beat me!
*The camrea gets a close-up on Reed,He has a serious look on his face.*
Reed Zimmer
Why would you think that London huh I think you're trying to hide something.Rex you said and i quote"Now listen bro,I've got a match with that drunk ass Reed Zimmer.''Lets see what was it you were doing a couple nights ago....oh drinking!!So you also said I could not work off a beer well I guess you don't go to the Arlington gym do you?I work more beers off than you get tans.I guess i'm gonna leave with this.When you step in the ring that is the best chance you have of winning.Because when you step in the ring with Alcahol Fuled Reed Zimmer,you're not getting out.Now get that camrea out of here I've got to think over a gameplan forthe first time in a long time.

The camrea fades to Reed watching previous matchs of Rex Reckless.
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Reed talks about Showtime
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