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 Reed at a bar.

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Reed Zimmer
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Reed Zimmer

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Reed at a bar. Empty
PostSubject: Reed at a bar.   Reed at a bar. I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 10:33 pm

Reed Zimmer is seen in a bar somewhere in Texas.
Reed Zimmer
Helllo SWE tonight I am just gonna sit back and hang lose.Why you ask?Because that is how I win matchs!Not hanging out with a slut in some club.Oh and what does he call this.
Reed starts doing the fist pump.
Reed Zimmer
The fist pump?It doesn't really matter,because when I am done with him he won't be able to do that anymore!Oh and how could we forget about the SWE Hardcore Champ I didn't forget about you my friend,how could I?At Livewire it's gonna be me and you.You may walk in on your own two feet,but you won't walk out.
The bartender slides a beer to Reed
Reed Zimmer
So like I said,Rex I wouldn't count on getting a win over me at Showtime,and if you do well sorry to disapoint you,but YOU"RE WRONG!!!!
A man walks over to Reed asking for an autograph,but when Reed heres him he spits the beer in his face and cracks the bottle over his head.

Reed Zimmer
Now back to bussniess.Rex I would really love it if you were here tonight...MY DUDE!!!!!Oh if you ever want to go at it if were not booked give me a call on my cell phone,and you can name the time and place.Incase you haven't been watching my recent matchs I have smacked them in the face with my beer bottle.You know how you have your GTW or whatever I have my DDD:DRINK,DRINK,DRINK!That is all I do to get ready to kick ass.You know why?IT IS ALL I NEED!!!!So Rex you better bring you A+ game if you don't you won't make it out of Showtime.
Reed stops and takes a swig of beer.
Reed Zimmer
Rex if you even think about haveing a sult win your match for you.I will open a XL can-o-whoop ass on both of you.So take this as a message to both of you STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!
Reed Zimmer gets up andwalks out as the camera fades away
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Reed at a bar.
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