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Thanks to Hana Brightly and CZ Thrust for helping out in times of trouble...

Fireworks blast off after the television intro showcasing everyone's favorite wrestlers. From the SWE World Champion Phillip Phillips, to the Generation Next Champion, David Broom, clips of roster's signatures maneuvers are shown, ending with Phillip Phillips performing the Phillips Screwdriver, and holding the World Heavyweight Championship. The camera pans to members of the audience, showcasing everyone's excitement for the evening's wrestling card. Holding signs reading "The Duke of Disaster," and the "Mean Machine" the crowd looks evenly divided on who they're pulling for in tonight's main event to see who faces David Broom at Livewire for the SWE Generation Next Championship. Now focusing on the ring announcers, Kevin Darby with his signature baseball cap, and Damon Moore adjusting the collar of his personally tailored, they greet the audience watching at home with smiles on their faces.

Kevin Darby - Welcome ladies and gentlemen to SWE Showtime! I'm Kevin Darby along with Damon Moore, and tonight we're bringing some some pound-for-pound action that only Sinister Wrestling Entertainment can provide!

Damon Moore -  Exact-ta-lactly. Tonight we have a several debuting Showtime Superstars, Theo Brodsky, Christian Starr Phillips, and Leon Y...wait, I'm getting word from the back."

Kevin Darby - Already?

Damon Moore - Correction! Tonight we have two new debuting stars in the "Pilot Officer" Theo Brodsky and Christian Starr Phillips. Unfortunately our senior vice president of talent relations, Dren Yoshimi is having trouble contacting Leon Young in his home town of Apocolyptia, something about the raging fires of hell making travel extremely difficult.

Kevin Darby - Well, maybe we'll have better luck next week!"

Damon Moore - Hopefully, I'm pretty excited for that Leon Young fella. Regardless, it's time for our opening match up, featuring one of our newly signed wrestling superstars.

Kevin Darby - Yes, Theo Brodsky takes on Mike Cole in a singles match-up coming up next!


The collective sounds of Daft Punk hit the speakers of the arena, signaling the entrance of SWE's newest high-flyer, Theo Brodsky. A native of the Ukraine, he adorns his nation's colors, a look of determination upon his face as he appears from behind the entrance curtains, his signature ushanka sitting comfortably upon his head, captivating its American audience with foreign embrace. Reaching the ring apron, Theo shows off his athleticism, refusing to acknowledge the ring steps as he leaps onto the edge of the ring with absolutely no trouble. Confidence brewing, he then runs to the near ring corner and poses to the audience before performing a backflip off the top turnbuckle, landing squarely on his feet, his ushanka seemingly glued onto his head as he adjusts the loincloth baring his nation's colors. Retreating to that same corner, he then grabs the grabs the top ring rope, doing some pre-match squats as he waits for his first opponent, Mike Cole.


Damon Moore - That's my boi T-Bro! He's like a superhero, dog! Just look at that kid fly.


Kevin Darby - A native of the Ukraine, Theo Brodsky is no stranger to the squared-circle. Did you know Damon, that he is a two-time Television champion?


Damon Moore - No I didn't! But as they say it's a completely different environment in the Sinistaaaaaaa~ if he wants to be successful he's gotta bring his A-game right here, dog.


Boos begin to circulate around the audience as "Break Me Down" by Red replaces everyone's second-favorite Daft Punk song. Wasting absolutely no time to allow his presence to be known, Mike Cole, the self-proclaimed "Awesome One" appears from behind the entrance curtains, a swagger in his ring-walk as he swings his head to the left, and to the right with every new step. Also ignoring the ring steps, Cole leaps onto the side of the ring, resting his knee against the mat as he stretches the other, the world in his right hand as he raises it to the growing hatred from his audience. Going between the middle and top ropes, as any "normal" wrestler would do, he then goes to Brodsky's corner, provoking him with his unrivaled bravado. Chuckling, he slaps the ushanka off his head, sparking a fire underneath Theo as Cole merely smiles. The referee trying to retrain Theo, Cole then retreats to his own ring corner, bowing to his "loving" audience.


Kevin Darby - What a blatant display of disrespect!


Damon Moore - Disrespect? Dog, Michael Cole is just trying to that psychological edge over my boi T-Bro. Tomato, tomahto. You gotta do what you gotta do to win.


Kevin Darby - I would argue with that, but you definitely have a point.


Damon Moore - That's why I'm a five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five time, commentating champion!


The bell rings, and Theo Brodsky goes immediately on the offensive. A head full of stream, he charges towards Mike Cole, leaping for a Front Dropkick to the the stomach of Cole. However, Cole sees through this, and quickly leaps out of the ring, Theo colliding with the ring post. In unison the crowd screams "OOOOOO~" as Theo squirms on the ring mat, the impact against the post doing complete murder to his legs. Cole, pointing at his head, rolls back into the ring and peppers in quick clubs to the chest of Theo. Back on his feet, Cole then forces Theo onto his, and cravats his head, punishing Theo with a quick submission hold. Trying to get the crowd behind him, Theo begins to stomp a lone foot onto the floor, the audience beginning to stomp in tune. Feeling the energy of the audience, Theo clasps his hands together into a club and hits Cole in the stomach; once, twice, three times as he eventually breaks the hold. Cole taking a quick breather, Theo then darts for the ring ropes, ricochets off them and leaps for a Game Asser! The competitors collide as Cole's head gets slammed onto the ring mat as Theo's first successful wrestling maneuver makes the crowd go wild. The crowd's power defining, Brodsky clenches a fist as Cole nurses the back of his head.


Kevin Darby - What an opening series of maneuvers, Cole looked to be the momentary advantage, but Theo quickly drew the cards in favor!


Damon Moore - The Ukrainian Crusader, that's what I'm calling him, dog! Like a superhero, T-Bro can leap like he has wings, WINGS, DARBY! If he wins tonight he's gonna be kissing babies foreheads in celebration!


Kevin Darby - Cole isn't going to lay down though. He's already pulling himself back together after that impressive modified leg drop bulldog.


Damon Moore - Game Asser.


Kevin Darby - What?


Damon Moore - It's called a 'Game Asser' it says right here on his profile, dog. I'm reading it like the award-winning commentator that I am.


Kevin Darby - But his profile also reads that he's a form--


Damon Moore - What did I just tell you? I have his profile open, I know all there is to know regarding my boi T-Bro!


Rolling back to the outside, Mike Cole holds the back of his head while he takes a breather, the impact of the maneuver throwing him off-guard. Holding his hands up, he asks for a "time-out," the audience booing in response. The referee, well-versed in his craft, simply ignores any connotations as he begins the count. Seizing the opportunity, Theo Brodsky hops in place for a second before running to the ropes adjacent, bouncing off of them to gain extra momentum before leaping over top rope with absolute grace, a sterling missile towards Mike Cole. Head-first, the duo collide as Mike Cole is forced against the ring-railing, the crowd loving SWE's "Pilot Officer." The referee resets the count at one as both men lay on the floor, Theo banging a lone shin against the padded floor to help rally the fans behind him, Cole simply wishing he didn't ignite the fire underneath him. Ironically, the ushanka he forced off Brodsky taunts Cole as it's just an arm-length's away from his head. Flustered, he grabs it and throws it in Theo's direction, the crowd not favorable of his actions. The count at five, Cole uses the ring-railing to help him back onto his feet as Theo struggles to get back onto his own. Stomping, Cole rolls in and out of the ring to reset the count as he again forces Theo back onto his feet. A dastardly expression finds its way on Cole's face as his eyes meet the steel ring pole just a few yards away. Looking towards his audience, Cole points at his head, showing off his smarts as he grabs Theo by his shoulders and tights, ramming him against the pole! An echoing impact envelops the arena as the Theo's shoulder kisses the steel, Cole simply smothering his hands together in delight. Full of confidence, Michael Cole forces Theo back on his feet again and rolls him back into the ring, himself following, going for the quick cover!






Brodsky shoots up his shoulder, the crowd cheering in response. Ripping his hair out, Cole slaps his hands together, showing the referee how to properly count to three. However, he would regret this, as Theo peppers a quick kick to the face of the sitting Mike Cole. The crowd fully behind Brodsky, he quickly finds himself back on his feet and drops a quick elbow upon the stomach of Mike Cole. The "Awesome One" turns over in response, his back facing Theo as he nurses his stomach. The opportunity presenting itself, Brodsky swiftly snatches his arm, and extends it in a brutal Fujiwara Armbar. Screaming in agony, Cole frantically looks for the nearest ring rope, the referee asking him. Luckily for Cole, the submission maneuver wasn't in the center of the ring, and using his brutal strength, drags his legs onto the bottom rope, forcing Theo to break the hold, much to the displeasure of the newly titled "Ukrainian Crusader." Hugging the ropes, Cole drags the referee between himself and Theo, allowing himself the chance to get onto his feet. The competitors now circle each other in the center of the ring before Cole finds the opportunity to apply a quick side headlock. Wrenching the hold, he then delivers a knee lift to the stomach Theo Brodsky, leaving him momentarily stunned. Now applying a front headlock, Cole then forces a quick kick onto an unprotected knee, forcing Brodsky onto them. In one fluid motion, Cole then kicks back his own leg, and snaps Brodsky into a beautifully executed DDT. Rolling Theo onto his back, Cole goes for another cover!







Theo Brodsky kicks out again! Slamming the mat in frustration, Cole squirms back upright and kicks Theo in the stomach before dragging him onto his feet via his ring tights. Wrenching his arm upward, Cole looks to want to put Brodsky into a Pump Handle Slam, however as Cole executes the lift, Brodsky reverses and applies a move of his own! Sweeping the legs, Brodsky performs his patented Ukrainian Legsweep, rolling himself over the shoulders of Cole as he performs his first cover of the match!






Cole gets the shoulder up! But his relief is short-lived as Brodsky then wraps his legs around the shoulder-blades of Cole, cupping his arms around his neck in a powerfully executed Koji Clutch. Cole, not expecting such fight from the debuting Superstar, is caught off guard. Feeling the weight of Theo against his upper body proves difficult, the ring ropes seemingly a mile away. Getting harder and harder to breath, Cole can feel himself begin to fade, the referee's single question slurring the longer he tried to fight the incoming darkness. Facing turning blue, Cole struggles to find the strength in himself to force himself out of the hold.




Kevin Darby - He calls it a Ukrainian Legsweep, Damon, and you're kinda late there. That was exactly a move ago.


Damon Moore - Stop thinkin' Darby's, Darby. As a former competitor within that squared circle, I know my moves, man. For decades, that has been a Russian Legsweep, and people can't convince me otherwise!


Kevin Darby - That still doesn't distract from that fact that "Pilot Officer" Theo Brodsky is currently performing a completely different maneuver.


Damon Moore - Now listen right here, right now Darby. Let me set the record straight! As a fan of the Russian Leg Sweep, a move that I perfected during my career, I feel it's within my award-winning rights, that I get to choose the moves I want to call, before or after they're even performed. It is--


Kevin Darby - OH MY, WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT! I don't know how Cole is doing it, but despite the expression of agony on his face, he looks to be breaking out of Brodsky's Koji Clutch!


Damon Moore - Brodsky's Koji-what?



Indeed Cole was. He wasn't even sure how he was doing it himself, but finding the inner strength within himself to force himself out of the hold, Mike Cole was slowly, but surely getting back on his feet, Theo Brodsky still clinging onto his shoulders with his submission hold. Screaming his lungs out, Cole can feel himself gaining leverage underneath Theo Brodsky, placing his hands onto the small of back, feeling the evidence of his spine against his fingertips. Garnering all his gusto, Mike Cole than forcibly threw Theo off his shoulders, Theo hitting the ring mat with a thundering thud as Cole fell onto his back in complete exhaustion. He did it! Feeling the sensation of air back into his lungs, Cole held his arms in front of him. His celebration was short-lived however, as Theo quickly collected himself after the broken submission hold, launching himself into the air with an Eddie Guerrero-influenced Topé Atomico. The impact was swift but deadly as the air that Cole cherished quickly escaped his lungs again. The crowd went in a glorious uproar as Theo triumphantly pointed towards the sky, signaling that the end was near! Setting himself up near the corner, Theo quickly glanced back at the out-of-breath Mike Cole as he quickly leaped onto the middle turnbuckle, and then onto the top, as he performed his finishing maneuver, the Double-Jump Moonsault!


It felt surreal. The match had been murderous for Theo Brodsky from the beginning, but he was literally seconds away from claiming his first victory in Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. Feeling the atmosphere of his supporting crowd, Brodsky closed his eyes as he let himself fly. Mike Cole, struggling to find his breath, was on the ring mat in a stupor, the Topé Atomico spelling the end as he struggled to find the energy within to break himself out of the situation as he did just seconds before with the Koji Clutch. The ring roared triumphantly as Cole felt the instantaneous pressure of top rope Moonsault, an impact twice as strong as the Topé Atomico from just seconds before. Hooking the leg, Theo went for the pin, hopefully putting the final exclamation point on his in-ring debut for the SWE.







Breaking the pin, Theo on his knees, screamed in the utmost of celebration, the crowd following in suit. The referee, now holding Theo's hand up in victory, cemented his status as SWE's new resident high-flier as his theme song echoed throughout the arena, the comforting sounds of Daft Punk telling the story of a hard-fought victory. Rolling himself out of the ring, Theo walks backwards up the entrance ramp, his hands up in victory as he embraces the love of the audience.


Damon Moore - SHUCKY DUCKY, QUACK, QUACK. I've never seen that move before IN MY LIFE. What a debut for my boi T-Bro! That superhero, T-Bro!


Kevin Darby - Certainly a debut that could be remembered for months to come. Theo Brodsky's future competitors best watch out! His flying and submission prowess is something to marvel about!


Damon Moore - If T-Bro keeps this up, he may move up in the rankings in my Fave Five! Right now I'm penciling him at number four, but anything could change throughout the course of this night, who know where he'll stand when tonight's said and done.


Kevin Darby - We'll be right back as we provide word from our sponsors.


SWE Sponsor: Mountain Dew Livewire!



Back from commercial break, 'Kill Everybody' by Skrillex echoes throughout the SWE arena, as Rex Reckless comes out to a good ovation from the crowd. His hair looking extra spiky today, with a bit more spray tan than usual, Rex fistpumps at the entrance until his manager Teena Ferrari steps out onto the stage, and they begin walking to the ring. Reckless continues to fistpump on his way to the ring, as the crowd in attendance all join in on his fistpumps ways, making one sold out crowd, united by the fistpump. The Italian Sensation hops over the top rope, jumping into the ring, still fistpumping with skills that would make any Jersey Shore cast member jealous. 

Damon Moore - Awww yeah, there he is, my fistpumping broski! I'll tell you Kevin, Rex Reckless is in my fave FIVE!

Kevin Darby - A former Hardcore Champion, Rex Reckless, recently losing that belt to Michael London, but has gotten his head back in the game with a new attitude.

Damon Moore -  Rex Reckless reminds me a lot of myself dog, he knows when to change it up, and I like this new attitude from my boi Rex-Less... yeah that works, Rex-Less...

The fistpumps from the crowd stop, but the cheers continue as 'Ladies and Gentlemen' by Saliva blasts in the arena, and Austin Cross, who is carrying a box of Pepsi cans, makes his way to the ring, chugging down one Pepsi after another. Cross goes through the middle ropes to get into the ring, as he stares at Rex, who is still fistpumping, for a few seconds before hopping on the corner turnbuckle. Taking two cans of Pepsi with him to the top, Cross looks at the crowd, while he uses his pro can opening skills to open both cans, as he chugs both at the same time before smashing them together, splashing Pepsi around ringside.  

Damon Moore - Awwwww here we go! Another member of my Fave Five, Austin Cross, and he has brought some Pepsi with him! Austin is the ONLY man in the locker room to have a 24 pack of Pepsi, and each and every can is in my special Fave Twenty-Four!

Kevin Darby - Do you really have to make a fave list for everything?

Damon Moore - I don't have a Fave list for everything, but here's another one, each of my Commentating Championship reigns are in my FAVE championship FIVE! But look at my boi Rex-less, he's still fistpumpin! That arm's gotta be hurtin!

The bell rings and the match begins with Rex immediately charging at Cross full force, aiming his fistpumps at Austin, hitting him in the head twice before Austin gouges Reckless in his right eye, followed by a quick roll up!


Rex kicks out quickly, and just as quickly as he kicked out, he gets to his feet and looks at Austin, with his left eye only, as the right one is still recovering, with an angry look on his face, Rex screams at him, "Sei bro sul serio!?" Not even bothering to respond, Austin headbutts Rex, who falls to the mat with a loud thump.

Damon Moore -  EYE see what he did there! Hah Hah Hah! Get it Darby?

Kevin Darby - Yes Moore, you are a comical genius, but let's stick to the action in this match. Rex might need to refocus his strategy, he's showing off a bit too much, giving Cross openings, and he's taking advantage of them.

Austin locks Rex into an armbar while he's on the mat, potentially setting up for his Crossface to end the match. Really wrenching down on the arm, Rex screams in pain as he crawls for the rope, which is about a foot away from him. Teena Ferrari shouts for him to get to the rope as she pounds her arms on the mat, causing multiple fans in the front row to pound on the barricade for encouragement.

Damon Moore - What da hell, these fans need to calm down, these barricades are expensive! Tiny Ferrari, or eh, Teena Ferrari needs to stop this!

Kevin Darby - Calm down Damon, the fans are only getting into the match, it's just a barricade anyway."

Damon Moore - JUST A BARRICADE!? You gotta be kiddin me! These barricades are what separate us from 'them’, these beasts are trying to knock down the barrier! They are trying to invade! But not on my watch!

Kevin Darby - Damon! Sit down! We got a match to call! Rex is inching his way to the rope, he doesn't need you distracting him!

Damon Moore - Fine Kev, but if any of these wrestling antiques break, payback will be a MUTHA! 

Not giving up, Rex continues to fight his way to the rope, the crowd waits in anticipation to see if he'll make it, and he does, as his hand clenches the bottom rope. Keeping the move in until four, Austin backs off, not wanting to get disqualified. Austin lifts Rex to his feet, holding the injured arm, and connects with a snap suplex on the much larger than him Rex Reckless. Austin, keeping his focus, walks over to Rex and stomps him once in the arm, and then once in the mouth, a move he calls the 'Chipper.' Austin drags Rex to the corner, positioning him for a moonsault, as he gets to the top rope, facing away from Rex, he doesn't see him move out of the way just moments before Austin jumps, leading Austin to crash into the mat. Using his good arm to pull himself up, Rex climbs to the top rope for a Elbow Drop, but he takes too long as Austin meets him to the top. Trading punches from the top rope, Austin gets the advantage once again by kicking the injured arm of Rex. Following it up, Cross hits a top rope hurricanrana, sending Rex half way across the ring, as Austin crawls for the cover.



Rex shows some life and kicks out after two, as half of the arena cheers for Reckless staying in the match, and the other half boo that Austin didn't win yet. As Rex makes it up, Austin continues the assault with a combination of kicks, all can be heard echoing throughout the arena, and then he finishes it up with one last kick to the head, a Buzzsaw kick! Turning him onto his back once again, Austin goes for a cover.




And once again Rex shoots the shoulder up, refusing to give up. Looking around, wondering what to do next, he gets up and heads to the top rope, looking like he wants to finish the match with a diving cross body. The crowd waits in anticipation as Rex pulls himself up once again, only to be met by Austin who leaps off the top rope, soaring half way across the ring, only to be met with the ring mat as Rex still was able to dodge the move. Austin bounces off the mat with force, and without wasting any time, Rex walks to his back and connects with a german suplex. Cross quickly gets to his feet, refusing to stay down, only to be met with a spear, sending Cross crashing to the mat again! Using his good arm, Rex lifts Austin up, and quickly sends him back down head first with a Spike DDT! Instead of getting back up right away, Rex rolls to the outside, and stands up on the ring apron, using his good arm to fistpump for the crowd, as he waits for Austin to get to his feet, and once he does Austin is met with a Springboard Cross Body! Staying on top of him, the ref begins the count!




And just as Rex had done before, Austin shoots the shoulder up!

Kevin Darby - And that shows just how fast a match can change, Rex is now the one in control of this contest! He only needs to hit one big move to put the match away!

Damon Moore - This is exactly why Rex is in my fave five dog, he didn't quit, he has kicked out every time, and is making a comeback! Shucky ducky quack QUACK!

Austin rolls to the corner to try and use the ropes to pull himself up, and Rex walks over to the opposite corner, looking to spear Austin. Austin is in position and Rex charges at him with a head of steam, but Cross quickly moves out of the way, making Reckless spear the ringpost. Cross capitalizes and rolls Rex up for a quick pin!




Rex still manages to kick out, much to the disbelief of Austin.

Damon Moore - Dog, what's with all these people beating up our equipment!? We got these fans smashing our barricades, we have wrestlers spearing the ring posts! Somebody call the POLICE! They are destroying our property!

Kevin Darby - He didn't hit the post on purpose, and that only destroyed his shoulder even more, it is not looking good for Rex Reckless!

Austin goes into the corner once more, looking to superkick Rex, trying to knock him out, but once Rex makes it to his feet, he ducks under the kick, and as Austin turns around, he is met with the Twist of Hate! Quickly getting to his feet, Rex reaches into his tights and pulls out brass knuckles, looking to finish Austin off once and for all with his finishing maneuver, the 'Bro Fist!' Austin gets to his feet and turns around as Rex, with all the power he has left, aims for Cross' head with one finishing blow, but Austin catches the arm and brings Reckless down to the mat, locking in the Crossface! In the middle of the ring, nowhere for Rex to go, Austin wrenches back on the injured shoulder of Rex! Trying to find a way out, Rex rolls Austins shoulders onto the mat, trying to steal a victory, but it's no use, Austin immediately gets his shoulder off before the ref could even count! The move is still locked in, and with nowhere to go, Rex finally gives in and taps, not willing to risk his shoulder getting injured any further.

The bell rings, and Austin lets go of the hold, as he makes it to his feet, the crowd cheering him on after the brutal match. The ring announcer officially announces Austin Cross as the winner as the ref holds his arm up. Going to the turnbuckle, Cross stands on the middle rope as he signals for an official to give him some Pepsi to celebrate. 

Damon Moore - What a match Kev! WHAT A MATCH! Rex almost got him there, but Austin was able to get it together and finish Rex off, and that is why he is staying in the fave five, and you know what, after that great effort, I'm going to keep Rex in the fave five too! Heck, let's keep this going Kev, I'm going to put the Pepsi corporation in the fave five for making great soda, they deserve it!"

Kevin Darby - That was a great match for sure Damon, both competitors gave it their all, but on this day it's Austin Cross who leaves with his hand raised!