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 Anton Hinston speaks

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Anton Hinston
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Anton Hinston

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PostSubject: Anton Hinston speaks   Anton Hinston speaks I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2011 11:39 am

The fans awaits what will happen now when Die Trying by Art of Dying hits the PA system.

Anton Hinston walks out with his normal T-Shirt with the word ''Hate'' printed on.
He gets a mixed reaction when he walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He gets a mic from the SWE personnel but before he can start talking the booing and cheering gets louder.
He signals for them to calm down and they do but a few boos here and there can still be heard.

Anton Hinston
Please.. Please let me talk. I know that some don't like me and others are apart of my 'Hate club'
No matter what you thing of me, please be quiet.
I have four thing I need to talk about and I know you all want to hear them. Can you all be quiet until I'm done?

A little group of the crowd yells ''No!'' but most is quit

Anton Hinston
Thank you. First of all I want to talk about what happened last week.
My tag team partner and good friend Phillip Phillips got screwed out of the match by.. Luke Lethal.
I won the match by way of cheating. I had nothing to do with it but I understand...
Making an impact like that on one of the top wrestlers here... Great thinking.

He takes a break and the crowd keep on being quiet

Anton Hinston
But you screwed the wrong guy. Or should I say guys because when you mess with P2... You mess with me.
But now I know what type of guy you are. You are a cheater, a coward, a nobody.
But I also know that you'll have some sort of plan again.
That gets me to number two thing I wanted to talk about. I will be prepared.
I will be in Phillip's corner and make sure that you don't cheat again.

Fans cheer mildly

Anton Hinston
That was last week. Now onto number 3 on my list.
Tonight I will face Daniel Red.
He lost to Mercy Montana last week causing Mercy to face Sean Classic for the Television Championship.
Daniel Red is just a little speedbumb on my way to Sadistic Six where I will win the SWE World Championship and go into the record books as not only the first danish born champion but also as the first ever SWE World champion. And at Sadistic Six I will be walking in with a weapon of my choosing...
That's the last thing on my list of things to talk about. I will walk in there with. A... Ladder.
I have choosen the ladder because it will make me impossible to beat.
I will be able to do moonsaults from the ladder, beat Luke Lethal to death with the ladder and much, much more. Thanks for listening to what I had to say... Let the booing begin.

He drops the mic but instead of boos, the voice is cheering for Anton Hinston.
He looks surprised but slides out under the ropes and slaps hands with the ones in the front row all the time with Die Trying blasting out of the speakers.

Camera fades black


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Anton Hinston speaks Wi53b4
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Anton Hinston speaks
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