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 The Personification of Perfection

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Luke Lethal
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Luke Lethal

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PostSubject: The Personification of Perfection   The Personification of Perfection I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2011 11:13 pm

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead blast throughout the Staples Center. The crowd doesn't give off a reaction because they have no clue who might be coming down the ramp. Luke Lethal then comes out from the entrance curtain wearing a black short sleeved Polo, tan cargo pants, and a pair of red and black high top Nikes. He glaces at the crowd and gives them a sick smirk. He walks down the ramp and into the ring. He gets a mic and begins to speck his words of...wisdom.

"L Double" Luke Lethal
"Now if you all would shut the hell up I could finally talk"

The fans start to boo at Luke Lethal and he lowers his microphone. He raises the microphone back up to his mouth.

"L Double" Luke Lethal
"Thank you. Now allow myself to introduce my self. I am "The Lethal One" Luke Lethal and I'm here for one thing and one thing only...the Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Championship. Now I know alot of you are thinking
"What makes you different from all the others who say that?". See all these other guys here want to become World Champion, yet they don't succeed in their mission because of their lack of talent. See I on the other hand don't want do become World Champion because I will become World Champion because I will not take failure as an option."

Only a handful of fans start to clap for Luke Lethal as the rest remain silent.

"The Lethal One" Luke Lethal
"You know when I signed here with Sinister Wrestling Entertainment I thought that there was gonna be more.....Main Eventers here, yet all I see are a bunch of talentless Indy Wrestlers who were hired just to get the hell beat out of 'em by The Lethal One. I mean look at Sean Classic. Sean still believes he still has what it takes to hang with the young guys. NEWSFLASH Sean this isn't the 80's anymore your career is over. Then to make matters even worse, the first Main Event in the history of SWE will have Anton Hinston going up against Phillip Phillips.
Luke laughs Are you serious Mikey? This is the best possible Main Event you could come up with? I mean who wants to see two friends wrestling each other? Mikey if you really want to make a great first impression on these fans you should just remove these two ass-clowns from the entire card and insert me..Luke Lethal into the main event. Now Mikey just my name alone would sell thousands and make millions want to watch. Now before I leave I just wanna say that this Friday Night on Showtime I will make a impact...a big impact. And don't forget when all else fails I don't!!!

Luke drops the microphone and "Pain" by Hollywood Undead re-plays. The fans then give Luke a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. He leaves the ring and goes up the ramp before standing up on the stage and taunting the fans causing them to cheer and boo louder. He smirks at the crowd and leaves the stage and the scene fades to black.

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The Personification of Perfection
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