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Mercy Montanna
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PostSubject: Shameful   Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:44 pm

(The Camera fades backstage with an Interviewer)

Interviewer - Did you see the video of Daniel Red's words on the match?
(Mercy Montanna snatches the mic and he looks into the camera with a grin he laughs a bit and then begins to speak)

Mercy Montanna - Really, is that the BEST you can do Daniel Red? Do you honestly think you are going to come out to that ring and actually defeat me? You must be out of your mind kid. I mean look at you, you are as tiny as an ant and I am as almighty as a lion. The chances of you actually beating me are slim to none, and you know it and I know it. This is no David and Goliath story, this is more like a burial, a Big bad wolf and the three pigs but the Big Bad Wolf actually blows all of the houses down. You can live in that fairy tale land of yours all that you want Mr. Red, but when it comes down to the match its time for me to snap some reality into the skull of yours. It's a shameful thing that your Sinister Wrestling debut just might happen to be your very last match. We barely knew you...

Interviewer - Well, those were some pretty intense words right there Mercy Montanna, good luck in your match at Showtime.

Mercy Montanna - I'll make the best of it...

(Mercy Montanna walks off)
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