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 Instant CLASSIC

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PostSubject: Instant CLASSIC   Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:33 pm

(Highlights of Sean Classic's career show and then fades to black just to show the one and only Sean Classic backstage with a smirk on his face)

Sean Classic: SINISTER WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT YOU HAVE JUST SIGNED THE MOST ELECTRIFYING SUPERSTAR IN PRO WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT TODAY! Sean Classic has signed on the dotted line and he is about to make everything in SWE fine. You see I've traveled around the world getting my name out there to be something special, I traveled to live a better life, and I traveled out there for the women. Now that I have became an house hold name I have arrived in SWE just to make this name and company a whole lot bigger. You see, back when I was a young superstar I did some pretty crazy things, I have sent people through flaming tables, I have ended careers, I have began careers. My career can turn your career into something amazing so why wouldn't you just love to have the heat in SWE?

(Sean Classic paces back and forth thinking)

Sean Classic: You know when I first arrived here in SWE I expected to get a better welcoming, I expected these superstars to be bowing at my very feet, but you know I guess nobody around here wants to show me respect. But all of that is just fine I tell you, I will earn the respect of everyone win I win the World Heavyweight Championship. You know why I will win the WHC? Because I am just that damn good I tell ya. I have the most potential in this company and I will make this character right here shine while the others look dull and boring. So yeah be expecting something phenomenal on SHOWTIME because the SHOWSTOPPER is about to to tear things up!

(Sean Classic winks at the camera and walks off)

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