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 When Partners Collide

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Phillip Phillips
Officially Sinister

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PostSubject: When Partners Collide   Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:54 pm


Across the Nation blared through the arena, and the crowd cheered as Phillip Phillips emerged from backstage with a microphone. He was wearing his normal, everyday street clothes; jeans, Nikes, and his signature t-shirt. As he made his way down the ramp, he high-fived the outstretched hands of the crowd (whether they liked it or not) before climbing up to the ring apron and over the top rope. He took a gander at the crowd, then raised the microphone to his lips and began to speak.

Hello, SWE fans. You probably already know me by now... I am the Man of the Hour, Too Sweet to be Sour, P to the Second Power, Phillip... Phillips!

He pulled away the mic and paused for a moment to give the crowd some time to erupt in cheers. They quieted down a bit after he lifted the microphone again, preparing to continue his speech.

And, as it turns out, I have a match this week against none other than my new tag team partner... Anton Hintson. Now, Anton, I know you're listening back there. Listen bro, we gotta take it easy on eachother, okay? No hard feelings. Just a match. For respect. See our style, what we do, so we can be better in tag team action. Heck, this match may even be to our advantage. If you can't fight your partner, then you can't make a good tag team. It's all a matter of trust.

He lowered the microphone, about to set it aside, when all of the sudden, Anton's music hit the speakers.

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Anton Hinston
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PostSubject: Re: When Partners Collide   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:29 pm

Die Trying by At of Dying hits the PA system and out walks Anton Hinston. He is wearing his wrestler outfit; black kickpads, black trunks, elbow tape and a shirt with the word ''Hate'' on it. He slaps the hands of the people wearing his ''Hate'' T-Shirt and the ones with P2H signs. The other people is ignored and when he steps in the ring and his theme quiets down, the fans start booing exept the ones that favour Anton Hinston. He shakes the hand of Phillip Phillips and smiles then gets a mic.

Anton Hinston
Phillip! My friend Phillips is the one that I will face tonight. I can see what you are made of. But of course I do my homework... Lets take a look at what Phillip can do in the ring:

He points at the titatron that shows a clip of Phillip Phillips winning the
EEW championship

Anton Hinston
He did that. It's true. I will face you in the ring, not only as a proffesionel but also as a guy that wants to be the SWE World champion. But the most inportant thing is.. As a friend. I won't go in there to hurt anybody. I know you won't do that either. But at Sadistic Six... There I will do anything to be the SWE Champion... And I know you will too.

He drops the mic, Die Trying re-hits, they shake hands and afterwards Anton Hinston exits the ring and highfives the fans that like Anton Hinston.
The camera fades black


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 3 | Draw: 0||

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When Partners Collide
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