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 " Winds of Change " rp 1 (Opening Tag Team Match)

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PostSubject: " Winds of Change " rp 1 (Opening Tag Team Match)   Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:07 pm

==== Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota // Time: 8:00A.M====

~ The winds of change are coming to the wrestling world once again, this morning the wrestler known as Xavier Serikaz signed a contract for a promotion called " Sinister Wrestling Entertainment ". In the living room of the newly signed wrestler sits his manager Tyler McKnight. Tyler has been managing Xavier for the past nine years and knowns him like no other. Tyler knows his habits and how Xavier works the wrestling world to his advantage. But today Tyler has a sinister look on his face for he has some information that Xavier needs to know. The shower shuts off in the bathroom and moments later Xavier opens the door and walks out to the bathroom. ~

" Tyler what the hell are you doing here? I haven't heard from you in like six months and now you show up without even calling. "

Tyler McKnight: I do apologize my friend but I come here with a purpose. We have to get to New York City as soon as possible!

" I just signed with Sinister Wrestling Entertainment Tyler. I can't just take off like we used too for..."

~ Tyler stops him in his tracks, stands up from the couch and shakes his head. ~

Tyler McKnight: You don't understand X. The reason you haven't heard from me is because I've been scouting this kid and you have to see this show he is in.

" Looking for new talent I see. Typical Tyler! "

Tyler McKnight: Typical Xavier as always...stubborn as ever. Look call the promoter over at Sinister. I'm sure they'll understand when you say your scouting a possible fresh wrestler for the promotion. Besides you'll get some props for doing some recruiting already.

" Good point. Besides I got some time before I really have anything to do for Sinister anyways. I'll pack..."

Tyler McKnight: No need this will just take the day and you'll be back with Coma. I've already talked to him and he's interested. Just wants to meet you first.

" Ya know Tyler you've been my manager for what? Nine years now. You'd think you would just bring people to me but no. "

Tyler McKnight: This kid is different believe me. He's worth the flight Xavier. I think I found a gold mine that has yet to be exploited by any wrestling promotion out there. Besides last time you and I talked you were looking for a solid tag team partner and I think I found him.

" Got a picture of this kid? "

~ Tyler pulls out his cell phone from his pocket clicks a few buttons and shows Xavier the pictures of the kid he's been talking about. The pictures show the kid smashing cinder blocks and destroying solid wood planks stacked fifteen high with his feet. ~

" The kid looks like Justin Beiber. You sure this kid is for real? Where did you find him? "

Tyler McKnight: In some underground freakshow! The kid is primed to make it in the wrestling world. Like I said the kid is fresh and has never been signed to a wrestling promotion. SWE would love this kid, he's fresh and different than any wrestler they have guranteed!

" Alright but if this is a let down like the " next best thing " you brought to me Tyler things are going to change around here! "

~End Scene~

==== Location: New York City, NY // Time: 10:00 p.m ====

~ It's late by the time the flight lands at JFK Airport. Tyler and Michael make their way through the terminal as they are escourted by security guards on either side of them. People stop and stare at them as they walk with a purpose through the terminal. The security team approaches a large pair of elevator doors and the lead guard pushes the down button as the door opens. The four guards along with Tyler and Michael step into the elevator, the door closes. Moments later and 2 floors down they step into an underground parking lot and parked in front of the elevator door is a large black SUV, like the ones you see on the cop shows. The windows are all blacked out, you cannot see inside the vehicle. The lead guard opens the door as Tyler and Michael climb inside, the SUV takes off down the road . The driver speeds past some of New York City's finest buildings and restaurants but this driver has a purpose. Tyler has paid him to take them directly to location of the building Tyler told Michael about. Ten minutes pass as they pull up to a warehouse sized building. The lead guard exits the SUV first then opens the door for Tyler and Michael as they exit the vehicle. They approach the door of the warehouse and as it opens they enter and notice the warehouse is empty. ~

" Tyler what the hell! This place ... "

~ Tyler stops Michael in his tracks and points at a door covered by Ivy and barbwire. ~

" what in the hell did you get me into Tyler? "

~ Suddenly Xavier's phone goes off, he takes it out of his pocket and reads the message. It reads " You have been booked in a tag team match against Austin Cross and Eli Thomas. Good Luck, SWE Staff. Confused Michael puts his phone in his pocket then turns to Tyler. All Tyler does is point to the door then says...~

Tyler McKnight: Past that door lies all of your answers Michael.

~ As they get closer to the door there is a big black handle, the lead guard pushes the door open and a draft of warm air gushes out from up the steps. The three men make their decent down the steps...~

To be continued...
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" Winds of Change " rp 1 (Opening Tag Team Match)
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