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 On Fire.

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Michael London
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Michael London

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PostSubject: On Fire.   Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:05 pm

Michael London's music hits and the arena lighting turns into gold then his pyro begins to rain down onto the stage. Then Michael London slowly walks through the pyro and makes his appearance on the stage with the SWE Hardcore Championshipi around it his waist. The fans begins to boo when they see Michael London as the new champion. Michael London looks at the audience and smiled then he begins walking down the ramp but then he stopped and took the Hardcore Championship off around his waist and raised it above his head and then the fireworks went off behind him. Michael London the packs the title on his shoulder and preceed going into the ring. Michael London enters the ring and grabs a mic then he stood in the middle of the ring then Michael London brings the mic close to his mouth and begins to speak.
Michael London
Ladies and Gentlemen get up off your asses and praise the new Hardcore Champion MICHAEL LONDON.
The fans boos Michael London and chanted "You Suck" over and over again. Michael London chuckles a bit anf began to speak again.
Michael London
Last week I have done what I have sought out to do. I have captured what rightfully beleong to me from the very beginnning and that is the SWE Hardcore Championship. For those who didn't know what happened before hand at Sadistic Six a man name Mr.Reckless had won the Hardcore Championship by defeating a weaker opponent. Then two weeks later I got what I finally deserve and that was a one on one match against him. Then on that same night this 21 year old has won his first championship in his wrestling career. I told him what will happen to him and now ever since that fateful night the Mister Cross had informed me that I have beaten the wheels off of Mr.Reckkless that he no longer wants to be in the ring with me. It served him right because I warned him before hand that once you cross me you will regret it and Mr.Reckless was the perfect example.
Michael London paused a bit and smiled and began to speak again
Michael London
So now moving on from Mr.Reckless my next opponent is now wait for it...Hana Brightly. You know what Hana I guess your not all that self-reliant. You see Hana you ponder to these idiotic fans like they're your life support or something. That's the reason why you lost your match against CZ Thrust. I mean it's pathetic how I have to face a weakling like you. I actually pity you for god sake. You see Hana the real definition of a loser is you. It seems that you're embarrassed at the fact that you have gotten your ass handed to. So I don't blame you that you're going to livestream over your computer in your damn apartment. You may have your fans cheering you on but they can only get you so far Hana.
Michael London looks at his title for a bit.
Michael London
You see Hana when I lost my first match at Sadistic Six I did something completely different then what you did. The next night I came out here and said what I was going to do and guess what? I did it and the proof is right here in my hands. I became the new Hardcore Champion. I did it without the help of these fans. I needed no ones help even though my partner tried to help me I couldn't get the job done but when I actually delivered a kick to the jaw I got the job done. You see Hana the difference between you and I is just simple. It's skill that it, I was actually born for this I am a fighter that's what I do I FIGHT. And for you to say over the computer crying and complaining that you lost really ticked me off. Also I won't trash you all that much because you actually believe that you're meant to shine brighter than me I find that a complete JOKE. No one here in this buisness and for you to imply that this title isn't that good as the rest well you're damn mistaken. Along with me this title will be the greatest and the most prestigous. Hana unlike these other idiots that blabs about destiny like Luke Lethal ignorant ass well little girl this is the real deal. I don't care if you are a woman because if you seen me in the ring I don't give a damn about anyone's safety I show NO MERCY!
Michael London smiles
Michael London
Hana Brighty no eres nada para contribuir a esta empresa frente a mí sólo va a poner en una espiral Downad en la oscuridad. Así niña espero que tengas un buen viaje en el punto más bajo de su carrera como luchador y mientras que su estrella se quema y muere mi brilla.
Michael London drops the mic and his music hits

Michael London raises his title above his head showing it off to the SWE fans. Then he exits the ring and went up to a fan and held up his title in front of them saying this is what a true champion looks like. Then he backs up to the stage and raises slowly above his head one last time and the arena was filled with boos. Then Michael London heads for the back to his locker room.
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On Fire.
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