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 Thrustlight: Full Moon

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CZ Thrust
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PostSubject: Thrustlight: Full Moon   Thrustlight: Full Moon I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 4:59 am

Thrustlight: Full Moon Mmmm
The sound of music in the background can be heard blasting as the only door present vibrates with every beat. A single wine glass filled with Sprite rests upon a red fluffed up carpet, occasionally being picked up every now and again for a sip. The camera zooms out to observe the scenery of the room, brownish walls, all with blinded windows around them to prevent anyone from looking in, with a few pictures plastered over the walls, all a certain distance from the other. In the background, multiple people can be seen, all wearing little to no clothing, mostly women, it's hard to make them out as the camera has the background blurred while it focuses on one man sitting on a fairly huge fancy pink chair. The clock on the wall ticks loudly as it reaches 3 PM, and the second it does, the man takes one more sip of his drink before standing up. Posing for a few seconds as he feels he needs to do every time there is a camera pointed at him, it has become almost basic instinct for him to do so, CZ Thrust looks straight at the camera, wearing his signature glasses, black jacket, and tight black pants, Thrust looks paler than ever today, as glitter that is scattered around his body begins to sparkle whenever light passes him. "Now, you may be wondering, 'Where the hell are you, you sexy man?' The answer is simple, sexy, and straight to the point of the nipple... I am backstage at the local strip club. Who goes to a strip club at 3 AM? Well for me, it's sexy time, all the time, but the reason I'm backstage is because they don't want me, 'stealing the girls' thunder.' The place was empty when I got here, but once I arrived the customers started pouring in, so I guess you can say..." during this slight pause, the pelvic region starts to bounce up and down as it is evident that thrust mode has been activated on this sex machine, "...my ding dongs bring all the boys to the yard, damn right, they're better than her's, I can teach you, but I'd hav-" With his left arm, he gives himself a slight slap to wake himself out of his singing trance, as he shakes his head vigorously to get his train of thought back.

Facing the camera head on now, not blinking as if he's having a staring contest with his reflection, Thrust continues talking, "Tonight, I face Alice Creed one on one, and the reason I am covered in glitter, and the reason I look so pale today is because I know of your evil ways Alice, so I decided to be an evil creature for one day and one day only just to see how you think, so I became a vampire!" Stretching his arms out now like a bat, and putting on a mean looking face, Thrust strikes his vampire pose. "On my journey to learn your thought process however, I realized that me and a vampire have nothing in common except for the fact that we like to suck on things... if you... catch my drift." Winking at the camera now, glitter flies off his eye lid when it opens and can be seen sparkling on the way down. "One thing that is good about this look though, is that I'm sure Alice loves making people bleed, well to pull off this paleness, I moved all the blood in my body to my 'tra la la,' and not only will this prevent me from bleeding, but it will cause some stiff Pelvic THRUSTING!" Grunting and thrusting after every word from that sentence, the glitter continues to pour off of him with every movement.

"Alice Creed, we both won our debut matches last week, I beat an actual opponent while you beat a man who wouldn't even punch back, and because of that, you got Number 5 in the 'Power 5,' while I wasn't even on the list, but it's no biggie, we all know when I'm not on the list, it means I'm number 69. You want to send me 'down the rabbit hole' well, too bad, because my penis might be a bit too big for that hole, but that's all the better for smacking you straight in the face with it. So good luck Alice Creed, in just a few hours, you are going to face an opponent who will actually hit back! I'll see you in a few hours Alice, when we meet face to pelvis in the middle of the SWE ring!" Putting his sunglasses back on, Thrust turns his back to the camera, revealing 'In The Thrust We Trust' bedazzled on the back of his jacket, which is now a best seller at SWE Shop. Thrust exits the building to drive to the SWE arena and go further up the ranks of the roster, because as most women, and even a few men in the world would know, Thrust likes being on top.
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Thrustlight: Full Moon
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