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 No Longer All Hallow's Eve

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Alice Creed
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Alice Creed

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PostSubject: No Longer All Hallow's Eve   No Longer All Hallow's Eve I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 11:49 pm

No Longer All Hallow's Eve Daffney

Part 1 vs Guy Radd - Happy All Hallow's Eve

SWE Women’s Locker Room
11/3/2011 - 9:03 PM

The women’s locker held a once working television but now it laid shattered into tiny pieces of florescent shards of glass and wires as Alice Creed propelled it into the wall. She had just finished listening to the words of Felicia Kyle, the one they called the Sultry Schemer and Guy Radd, self proclaimed “Worlds Best”, although no one really knew what exactly he was the best at. After the instant destruction of the once lovely television set subsided, Alice woo-sah’d herself into a nice calm embrace. Her eyes closed and arms held out as she focused on her breathing to return to that nice and easy state just as the Dr told her.

The camera zoomed in on her face as her eyes opened and peered into the very depths of the lenses themselves. Even though at ease, her gaze gave off a certain uneasiness to those who attempted to stare back at her. Gracefully, her head tilted sidewise as she continued to stare at the camera, almost as if she were lost for words. But then she found them, known to the crowd only by that devilish smirk that found solace on her face. She spoke…

You grow curiouser and curiouser my little sacrificial lamb. Bah Bah Bah you go black sheep. Allow me to lead you over the cliff and dedicate your suffering to my victory, which, it WILL be MY victory. And you have the nerve to call me a disgraceful tart as if I’m some kind of discarded food item to be left off the buffet menu. You stupid whore, allow me grace you with the bitter taste of the defeat. You know, the kind that leaves the sour aftertaste for DAYS on end! Oh trust me when I tell you that it’s to DIE for Betty Crocker!

Did you really think that Guy Ratt was going to take this company by storm? All 5’8 135 lbs of him with that pubic hair he puts on his face and calls a beard.


I’m scared! Soooooooooo so very scared that I’m even shaking in my wittle black rain boots. I’m here to inform you that YOU WILL NOT BE RAINING ON MY PARADE! Or anyone’s for that matter.

So you can stand there Felicia Kyle, pretty and pompous like a pampered leech. Doing those parasitic things that leeches do. Concerned about what’s on everyone else’s lips but never looking in the mirror to see what’s on yours. I don’t even want to know. So squishing, slimy, and gooey I’m sure you’ll feel under my boot. If left to my own devices I indeed will make it so you little sultry segmented worm you! Maybe , JUST MAYBE! You’ll stop trying to convince yourself that you’re anything but a leech.

Alice Creed paced around the female’s locker room kicking someone’s gym bag across the floor surface and sending the various contents inside sprawling underneath the bathroom sink. Frustrated and fed up by just thinking of the mind games that Guy Radd brought forth to Felicia made her want to start the match right then and now. She punched the metallic threshold of a locker caving in the display and causing what could be considered a very unsightly dent in an otherwise nice room. This is of course if you over look the mangled gym back placed haphazardly and the shattered LCD television set. Slowly she scratched at her scalp before attempting to pull out of hair while clinching together her pearly whites with sweat dripping from her brow.

What are you someone kind of philosopher or Dr. Guy Ratt? Or maybe some kind of self righteous super hero, wanting to “save me” and all as if I were some kind of damsel in distress. Well Well Well you’re only half right. I am distressed. I’m disturbed and distraught because stupid fucks like you KEEP WANTING TO PSYCHOANALYSIS ME!!!

You don’t know me! Don’t pretend that you’ve walked a mile in my shoes. Don’t pretend you’ve seen what these eyes have seen and suddenly you have all the answers! YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT! YOU DON’T GET TO DO THAT! I have doctors, I have theorpy , I have medication and an institution and I’m getting better now. BUT YOU WON’T! You’ll keep getting worse and Felicia will keep sucking your blood like the leech she is and and and and and and you both will drown in your righteous smugness! That false bravado of yours is killing me faster than pills ever could!

But it goes both ways you know. Oh yes it does because you see, I’ve been at this psychoanalysis thing for awhile now and I kinda know a thing or two of how eeeaaassssssyyyy it is to try to tell something about someone just by looking at them.

Watch as you are the one being analyzed …

Everything goes quiet in the locker room. Alice takes a deep breath to compose herself as she shrugs her shoulders to loosen up. After clearing her throat she lifts her finger up to her face slowly and once again stares at the camera with that gaze so uniquely fitting to her siren moniker.

Don’t tend on competing he says. DON’T TEND ON COMPETING! FINE! That’s fine! I don’t… I don’t want you to compete and I sure as hell don’t want your pity mind you! No. I just want you to suffer. I just want you to suffer the way that I’ve suffered. Along with those salty tears rolling down your pores and that iron laced blood dripping down from the gash out of the side of your cranium. Mmmmm a delicacy I want you to take it like the little bitch that we know you are. I WANT YOU TO TAKE IT. In fact, part of me believes that you might even enjoy it. Yeeeessssss. That must be it, isn’t it? You enjoy getting beat on by women don’t you? I bet you get your jolly little rocks off every time I punch you in the face. Wouldn’t be surprising if those cracked ribs and bruises aren’t even from me. What happened Guy Ratt? Forget to bring Felicia Kyle beer to her on time and so she kicked you in your tummy. Makes me wonder who REALLY wears the pants in that relationship. I’m sure that gets you off you sadomasochistic freak. No wonder your only wish is to stand there and take it. Fine…FINE! We both will get what we want, I get to beat the living snot at you and you get to feel that “self righteousness” dripping down the side of your leg. And you think I want to your acceptance… I DON’T WANT ACCEPTANCE FROM SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!!

She takes another deep breath and this time takes a seat and crosses her leg on the locker room bench. With awkward delicacy she folds her hands into her laps and looks back into the camera with a faux smile on her face. Alice blinks a few times without saying a word as if waiting for the words to really sink in.

See how easy it is.

Alice Creed snaps her cold finger in the thin air as the sound echoes and bounces off the walls to and fro.

Just like that I have pegged to a tee and I could go on and on you know. It would be quite easy but just as much as you adore physical violence upon your person I’m sure verbal abuse is on par of oh lets say, softcore porn for you? Tsk tsk tsk. Guy Ratt, I must say you down right repulse me to say the least AND TO THINK… I have to step in the ring with you. If you really want to save me? Save me from yourself. Save Felicia Kyle. Because out of the two of you she is the only one that might realize that when it comes to us, and by us I mean the three of us that, YOU TWO ARE SO FUCKING FAR BELOW ME THAT IF I SPIT IT WOULD SHATTER YOUR SKULLS!

And shattering your skulls is just what I intend to do come Showtime!

But I can’t blame you. You’re only playing with the deck of cards that you were dealt just as I am. It’s too bad that god dealt you a losing hand.

Alice Creed pushes the camera down to ground leaving it filming the floor at horizontal angle. A single pair of footsteps walk past the lens as the sound of a locker being opened slowly and closed is heard. Suddenly Alice’s face is seen sidewise along the camera as she bent down to look into the lens with a sinister smile from ear to ear. Almost as sudden as her reappearance she beings laughing hysterically to the point where one might think she wasn’t in control of emotions.



She stands up and punts the camera clear across the room sending it off into oblivion.

…Burn in hell asshole…

While the scene fades one could still hear Alice Creed laughing away in the background as the door slams shut.
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No Longer All Hallow's Eve
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