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 About to earn their respect

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Martin Rack

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PostSubject: About to earn their respect   Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:20 pm

The camera fades in at Josh Matthews standing with a mic in his hand, ready to speak.

Josh Matthews
Hallo I am standing here with the one of the newest signings, ''The Mean Machine'' Martin Rack.
Hello Martin, thank you for having the time to do this.

Martin Rack
My pleasure.

Josh Matthews
Martin, you are facing Viper in the first match of the tournament to determine who will face the Generation Next champ, David Broom at the upcoming Pay-Per-View Livewire. What's your stragedy for the match?

Martin Rack
Well my stragedy is to go out and win. I don't care if it's by way of count-out, submission, DQ or pinfall, I'll take all of them. I just have to go out and win, no matter the cost. I have to win because all of theese fans need to get what they payed for. They need to get entertained, see good wrestling and hear words of wisdom. This is my words of wisdom: Viper you need to do a no show, because if you show.. I won't on easy on you.

The fans cheered for getting promised that they would see good wrestling and get entertained

Josh Matthews
You got to have a look at the roster whenn Mister Cross called you and said you should watch Showtime and tell him if you wanted to be a part of that. What did you see?

Martin Rack
What I saw? I saw a person that probably had a hating mom and no friends growing up, and that's why he calls one of the god damn best guys in this business ''a liar''. Of course I am talking about Anton Hinston, the 'HateClub' owner, as he claims to be. And when I say one of the god damn best guys in this business I mean our World Champion, Phillip Phillips.

The fans cheered for the positive words toward their hero, Phillip.

Martin Rack
I will win tonight and why? Because I am pretty sure I have the fans attention bu now, and tonight I'll go out and earn thei respect.

Martin Rack looks into the camera for about two seconds before walking towards his locker room.

Josh Matthews
Thank you for your time

Camera fades to black
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About to earn their respect
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