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 Happy All Hallow's Eve

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Alice Creed
Next Big Thing

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PostSubject: Happy All Hallow's Eve   Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:25 pm

"Hush little baby, don’t say a word..
Alice is going to buy you a mocking bird, and if that mockingbird don’t sing.
Alice is going to remove it’s entire spleen, and if that organ doesn’t bleed then I’ll go for it’s heart.
And be sure to rip it’s little birdy wings apart…"

Humming proceeds as the camera zooms out from in front of a pumpkin.
The squeal of rats ricochet of the walls piercing even the tiniest of eardrums.

In the dripping confines of an abandoned cellar, Alice Creed slowly licks the sharp blade of a butcher’s knife. Droplets of blood trickle down the knife’s shaft and plops upon a vermillion puddle onto the top of a pumpkins tangy base. Candles illuminate the moss covered walls as moth causalities burn in the flames the way suicide bombers meet their untimely demise. In smoke go their wings, poof goes their existence never to bug another person, literally and metaphorically speaking.

I know you’re not trembling, but you should. I have such sights to show you. You would tremble if you knew what I was going to do to you, where I plan on taking you. The way I plan on snatching your neck, burying you under my boot and squishing you with my sole like the very worm you are. Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell but even hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn!

What? Don't believe me? Would I lie to you? I don’t know. Would I lie to him?

Alice says to the pumpkin as she turns it over to displays for the camera that the pumpkin is carved to look nearly identical to Guy Radd. She points, gently gliding her index finger to a particular spot on the chin and along the sides.

No I wouldn’t Mr.Pumpkin, a half truth is a whole lie and Alice Creed doesn’t lie, no she doesn’t. Lookie , lookie sweetums. I even added that disgusting beard. Filthy really…down…right…repulsive. But I say no more, It won’t last for very long. Prance around here like a super hero all you want but tonight is All Hallow Eve’s and that’s Halloween for imbeciles like Anton. Soon your mask will come off Radd, soon I will expose your gluttonous guilt that has buried you behind being a “hero” and soon oh so very soon you’ll crawl on your knees, begging-like, pleeeaddingggg-like.


Alice Creed chuckles to herself.

And I will look at you with your blood staining my hands and those puppy dog eyes desperately searching into mine for any hint or scruple of remorse, only to find what’s been given to me in life, NOTHING!

Lest’ not be mistaken, I know you’ll be out there watching Felicia Kyle. Crooked and corrupt with that shit eating grin I’m sure you’ll be wearing proudly like a bitch in heat. Let this be a fair warning. If you interfere I will cut you down and run through you. If you think I’m bluffing just try me, you’ll suffer right alongside your betrothal. Am I bit dark? Maybe, but I am not to be taken lightly. You’ve been warned and warned AND WARNED.

Alice begins to walk away back towards the pumpkin but not without staring at the camera through the corner of her eyes.

If anything happens to her Radd, the fault is none of my own, but I have a feeling you’re not big enough man to accept such responsibility. IN FACT! I’m almost willing to believe that you won’t lay a single finger on witty ole me.

Sinister’s Siren lifts her finger up in the air for all to see and finishes her sentence in a mocking voice. With a grasp of the pumpkins mantle she lifts it up to her face and kisses it upon it’s hallow nose before gently placing it on the ground.

But wait just one minute, what was I thinking? This isn’t about me. Hmph…I woooooonddeerrrrr what’s going on inside that head of yours.

In a moment’s notice Alice Creed takes her boot and stomps with her steel toed boots crashing down upon the Radd-inspired Jack-o-lantern and sending it sprawling into a million itty bitty pieces. Pumpkin seeds and shattered remains scattered across the floor as the rats scurried away in fear.

Just what I thought, nothing!

Alice takes her finger and wipes the inner lining of a single pumpkin piece before placing the finger up to her lips. Licking her pointer finger, she gives one last smirk to the camera before walking into a dark unilluminated hallway.
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Happy All Hallow's Eve
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