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 Decapitation Station Reuninon?

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Austin Cross

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PostSubject: Decapitation Station Reuninon?    Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:24 pm

Cross' Titantron played on the T.V. nehind him, as the camera slowly panned toward him. He was sitting on an old beat-up, comfortable looking couch, drinking a Mountain dew Livewire. He smiled, and put the bottle of Dew down. "HELLO Ladies and Gentleman! It's great to be here in this wonderful city of yours, and especially wonderful that theres so many hot babes here!" He paused for the inevitable cheers. "Anyway. You all know me and Phil have a past, right? Well, obviously. We were voted PWI's #1 Tag-Team of the year!" Cheers, and Austin smiled. "Well, we're re-uniting to take on some whack ass rag-tag gorup of pansies, who don't even deserve to lace up Santino Marella's Jock-Strap." Cross laughed at his own joke. "But, in all seriousness, they call themselves the "New Generation" or some whack shit. But that's the thing. Me and PHIL are the past, present, and future of this industry. We were the last "New Gen" group to come for a while. We changed the landscape of this buisness. Hell, I'm only Swenty-Three and i've held like, 6 Titles. SIX." Austin paused to take a drink of his Livewired. "Anyway, i'm rambling. But remember, come Friday, Decaptitaion Station is BACK, and BETTER than ever!" the camera panned away, slowly fading to darkness.
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Decapitation Station Reuninon?
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