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 Path of terror

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Darren Legit

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PostSubject: Path of terror   Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:18 pm

*Reed Zimmer walks out with a budwieser but it is empty he starts to take a sip he then notices this he drops the bottle on th ground and countinues to the ring.*
Reed grabs a mic and starts talking
Reed Zimmer
Thats right I am on a path of destrucion and this week on Showtime Ultimo Pingu is next in line.So watch your back because your just another small ass who has confindence.But when it comes down to fighting...
Reed starts to chuckle at the thought of fighting Pingu.
Reed Zimmer
When it comes down to fighting you can't do it worth shit.That is why I am personaly gonna deliver a bottle to the face after our match Pingu.
Reed drops the mic and leaves
{End of promo}
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Path of terror
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