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 The Fresh Thrust of SWE

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CZ Thrust
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PostSubject: The Fresh Thrust of SWE   Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:32 am

At the location of the next SWE show, right outside the arena, the camera shows what looks like a huge garbage bag. Black, and shiny all the way, you'd wonder why the camera man would be filming just a garbage bag on this bright glorious day, but as the camera starts zooming out, legs can been seen. Slower and slower the camera zooms farther and farther until the full body of CZ Thrust can be seen sitting at the edge of a sidewalk. It might not of been a garbage bag, but in a way, it is CZ Thrust's 'junk bag.' Wearing his signature skin tight black pants, half open black jacket, studded with diamonds that shine every time the sun passes them, and his classic sunglasses, CZ Thrust slowly starts to rise, causing the camera to zoom out some more. After zooming out, multiple pedestrians can be seen passing by in the background, the sound of cars driving by can be heard, and a boombox can be found on the side of the street, reminiscent of Thrust's opponent tonight, Hana Brightly. Bending over, and doing a short shake of his butt, the 'Man Too Sexy for Free TV' picks up the boombox and slowly begins walking.

Now facing the camera, CZ says his first word's since the cameras started rolling, "Hana Brightly, I was watching your match last week, and I must say, I am impressed. You did very good and in a way, you are now undefeated, but don't think you are going to start a streak, because I am going to be the first to beat you tonight, and to show that I will not let you get a streak... I will streak right along this street." As he begins ripping his jacket open even more, a couple of police pass by to tell him not to do it. "Oh yeah, forgot they were following, I guess they just enjoy the view." With that said, CZ does a little thrust, not too much as the cops are watching, before buttoning up his jacket again.

Now lifting the boombox into clear view of the camera, CZ Thrust continues, "Now I saw last week, that you like to sing, you brought a boombox like this and started singing down the street, but to prove I'm better than you, and that I will win my match, let me show you how it's done. Now before I get started, let me clarify that this isn't a regular boombox, this is a specialized CZ Thrust Boombox, I call it... my 'Bangbox!'" Putting down the 'bangbox' now, CZ Thrust keeps a tight gaze on the camera as he slams his crotch onto the play button. The instrumentals to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening song can now be heard playing throughout the street.

"Now this is a story, all about how my life got thrusted upside down, and I'd like to thrust a moment, just watch right there. I'll tell you how I became the sexiest man in a company called SWE." Thrusting a bit more, he realizes that he didn't make that rhyme near the end, but will continue for the sake of the song. "In west Chicago, porn and games, in the strip club is where I spent most of my days. Stripping out, thrusting and dancing all cool, playing with my two balls outside of a school, when a couple of police, who were trying to be good, tried kicking me out of the neighborhood. I got one little arrest and my pimp got scared, said 'You're gonna go wrestle in a company called SWE!'" Still not being able to hit the rhyme at the end, CZ Thrust realizes that the song is getting quieter, as he is walking away from the 'bangbox' so he slowly walks backwards like it was all part of the plan. "I mooned for a cab and when it got near, the license plate said sex and it had a sexy man in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was great, and I decided to, yo off to SWE! " Sweat slowly pouring off the side of his face, he realizes he only has one more verse, one more shot to hit that ending rhyme, he needs to complete this to prove he is better than Hana Brightly. "I thrusted up to my manager at about seven or eight, and he said 'yo CZ you're facing Hana later!'I looked down at my ding ding kingdom, I was finally here, to beat Hana Brightly at SWE."

Failing to hit that last rhyme, CZ Thrust gives a shout of frustration, or in his words, 'thrustration,' "WHAT THE HELL RHYMES WITH SWE!? You know what, whatever, it was just a song, I want a match, and I'm getting one. Tonight Hana you are going to stare me down once the bell goes ding ding ding, and realize you are stuck in there with my ding ding dong. So best of luck to you, but in the end, I will stand tall as you're victor, because in the Thrust we Trust!" Right when he says thrust, the pelvis goes up and down once more for the camera, much to the delight of some viewers watching at home.
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The Fresh Thrust of SWE
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