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 The Fallen

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Mercy Montanna
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PostSubject: The Fallen   Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:11 pm

((The Fallen))

((Scene opens with a man sitting in a steel chair in the middle of the ring. He looks deeply inside the camera and then begins to speak))

Mercy Montanna - These are the battlefields of the gladiators, the warriors, and the weak. I have learned this land to the best of my ability and I have conquered these lands like no other man could. Sinister Wrestling Entertainment is nothing but a child right about now and I must make it my job to help it age and mature into the big strong company that it should be. I look around and I see these little boys running around here claiming to be the best, claiming that they will be world champion, claiming that they are better than every single person in this company. I think it is a bunch of bullshit, complete bullshit at that because I am the best damn thing going in this company. I am on my way to becoming the living legend that I should be, why? Because I deserve it. I have put 1000% into every wrestling match I have ever been in and I plan on taking over SWE and making it my own. In with the powerful, out with the weak. I am a one man wrecking ball who's actions will indeed speak louder than words. I want every single superstar looking into the company to hear my words loud and clear. I will stop you dead in your tracks, I will be the superior being, and you all will bow to...Mercy...Montanna....

((Mercy Montanna rises up from the chair and releases a primal scream))

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The Fallen
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