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 Just listen...please?

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Alice Creed
Next Big Thing
Alice Creed

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Just listen...please? Empty
PostSubject: Just listen...please?   Just listen...please? I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 25, 2011 2:17 am

Just listen...please? Alice210

The arena goes cold as goosebumps rise from the easily frazzled pores off the skin of those in attendance. Vibrant sounds of maniacal laughing echoes through the venue, bouncing off the wall and sending a nervous chill galloping down the unsuspecting on lookers glued to their seats. Mothers and fathers grasped onto their big gulp sized beverages as their children death clutched onto their parents arms and squeezed ever so gently.

“You can’t spell slaughter without laughter” cackles a voice from the P.A. system as the laughter grows louder, more sinister but just as sudden as the laughter came, it ceases, drawing a cheer from some but a throaty nervous sigh of relief from others.

…thrashes on the P.A. system as a stranger appears on the top of the ramp. Alice Creed, a relatively unknown figure and SWE’s newest commodity looks off into the sea of people with an unimpressed look on her face and mic in hand. Non chalantly she rotated her wrist and lifted the mic up to her to crimson colored lips and sighed while the music lowered to a mute.

“So uh… backstage SWE management told me that I should come out and do this whole debut thing. Shake hands with some of you disgustingly vile creatures and pretend that I’m going to give you my jolly good 110%...........nope.”

Alice Creed slowly starts trotting down the ramp while swashing her lace skirt to and fro. Little kids lift up their “thumbs down” salutes, booing in her general direction. Out of the corner of Alice’s eye she notices and stops her slow descent towards the ring to grace the child with some wisdom.

“Hey kid…what’s your name?”

She lifts rubs the mic in the little kid’s snotty little face before finally stopping at his mouth.


“Well Bl-Bla-Blake, is that your mommy and daddy sitting there?”

Little Blake shakes his head as the parents look on with a slightly worried look on their face.

“Well Bl-Bla-Blake, I’m sure they don’t teach you this in 3rd grade but the average divorce rate in America is over 50% so there is a pretty good chance that mommy and daddy won’t be together very long. More than likely she’ll find the lipstick on his collar…”

Alice points out to the red spot on the dad’s shirt.

“realize that he’s a two-timing little prick and argue behind closed doors while you stand in a dark hallway looking at their door. Oh – and don’t worry, they’ll tell you it’s not your fault but both you and I know that deep down, it probably was. It’s not the end of the world though, life’s a bitch and then you die.”

Being the overly protective father that most males are he covers his son’s ears but not before the damage was dealt by Alice. Slowly she walks away backwards with a sinister smile as the mother notices the red lipstick on the father’s collar.

“So yeah.. where was I. Oh yeah… SWE management told me that I should come out and do this whole debut thing while shaking hands with some of you disgustingly vile and obviously cheating fiends. Truth be told, I don’t mind. I’m a people person you know? Just ask Bl-Bla-Blake’s lovely family."

Alice Creed walks up onto the apron and stands on the second turnbuckle while staring off from an elevated vantage point.

“Besides, I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked up in here with me and while I have this mic in my hand you’ll listen to what I have to say.”

Alice drops down and takes a seat on the top turnbuckle.

“My name is Alice, Alice Creed, yes… like Alice in Wonderland. My parent’s cruel idea of a joke to name my kindred spirit after a ditsy blonde girl that Lewis Carroll thought up in his shroom’ induced haze. Personally I’m glad he’s dead but it’s whatever you know? Live…die…whatever, it’s all the same to me. Won’t get my sympathy…..nope.

I could go on and tell you about my horrible childhood, the number of schools I’ve been suspended from, the foster homes, the mutilated dolls and tortured animals…but I won’t. I won’t tell you about the perverted therapist who kept trying to rape me. I won’t tell you about how no one helped me when I was too young to help myself. But I won’t tell you about all that because.

I was what…”

Alice starts counting on her fingers.

“…twelve. Twelve. Twelve. TWELVE.

And I told them you know? I told them everything and they said I had an overactive imagination and that I wasn’t ALL there. What does that even mean? I’m either here or I’m not right? If I’m not all there, where is my other half? And they say I don’t make sense. Always ignoring poor lil’ Alice. And I told them I didn’t want to go anymore but they wouldn’t listen…

If only they just opened their ears..

Maybe , you know , listen

Just listen

A little?



No Alice.

…so there was nothing left but to become a wolf.

Surely most of you can’t comprehend this transformation, the…the..the embodiment of hunger where you only see red and the only thing that’s left if the desire to devour everything…because…BECAUSE…

Alice Creed takes a deep breath and wipes the tears rolling down from her cheek.


More tears start streaming down

Backstage staff from SWE start streaming out from behind the curtains to retrieve Alice.

“Wha-what’s going on here? I was just about to tell them about the voices. I have a mic – they were listening to me!”

The staff located just outside the ring motioned for Alice to vacant the squared circle.

“No…no you guys told me to come out and you said be yourself so I’m just being myself.”

[inauble conversation between Alice and the staff]

“NO! The only way I’m giving you this mic is if I shove it down your throat! Why won’t you listen to me?! THIS IS MINE! This ti-”

[mic shuts off]

The staff enters the ring and corners Alice against the turnbuckle as she starts to panic. Once the first ref inches close enough Alice Creed reaches for his hair and attempts to make good on promise by drilling the microphone into his mouth. The rest of the backstage staff subdues Alice by tackling her down to the ground and holding her place as she flails haphazardly. That canvas muffles some of her screams and cries out for the staff members to let her go.

After a few brief moments Alice Creed laid completely still in the ring as the staff waited to see if her episode subsided. Satisfied with the results they lifted her up and attempted to lead her out of the general vicinity.

Calm and docile, Alice took a few steps before kicking the nearest staff members in the crotch and running into the crowd while laughing manically as the rest of the members chased her.

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Just listen...please?
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