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Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips

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"Destiny"? Empty
PostSubject: "Destiny"?   "Destiny"? I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 8:45 pm


The world-famous Queen song blasted through the speakers, and the crowd now new what was coming and immediately erupted in cheers. Phillip Phillips walked out from backstage wearing his ever-changing wrestling gear; today it was tights that had a red snake-skin of sorts pattern. He also had the usual black boots, and this time, wrist tape– as opposed to his usual elbow and knee pads. He walked down the ramp with a blank expression that would make professional poker players all around the world jealous. After finally making it down the ramp, he walked up the steel steps in order to enter the ring. Once enclosed by the ropes of the squared circle, he bent down and requested a microphone from SWE staff at ringside (which he was given). Now that he had a microphone, he finally began to speak.


Phillip left the crowd hanging and pondered the word for a moment.

Destiny is a strong word.

He shrugged, and the crowd remained confused.

But Luke Lethal... you know what? You're right. You can't defy destiny. It just doesn't work that way.

The crowd now was beginning to process where Phillip was going with this one.

However, you can't choose your destiny either. Luke, I don't really think you understand what you're saying when you say that. You see, you do have a destiny; really everyone does. But you can't choose your own destiny, and just because you became the first ever SWE World Champion doesn't mean it's your destiny to hold onto that belt.

The arena was now drowned out by boos at the mere thought of Luke Lethal holding that championship.

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about... let's have a recap on what Luke Lethal said earlier.

Phillip and all eyes of the audience turned to the stage, where a clip of Luke Lethal being interviewed by Josh Matthews backstage began to play.

"Luke Lethal
And Josh, I beat him two out of those three times. Now I'm wondering when will Phillip get it through that thick skull of his that he will never beat me?! See Josh ever since I beat Phillips at the second episode of Showtime nothing but good things has happened to me. David Broom and I won the Tag Team Championships and I became the first ever Sinister World Champion just like I said I would. And Phillip on the other hand lost every match he has competed in since Showtime number two. Recently I just watched you interview Phillips, you asked him if he thinks that he's going to win? He said this and I quote: "There's no really saying for sure. I mean, do I want to? Of course. But there's no guarantees I will." See Phillip that little piece of your words right there just tells me that you don't have any faith in your in-ring abilities at all. I mean if you don't guarantee that you will win how will your "fans" have any ounce of faith of you? Phillip that tells me that you know you don't posses the skill to beat me 1...2...3. And that's why tonight I will beat and make an example out of you tonight that this Age of Lethal won't be stopped anytime soon. Because Phillip, you can't DEFY DESTINY!!!

The crowd booed, and Phillip merely shrugged at Luke Lethal's harsh words.

Now, I don't mean to be rude, but I just can't help myself right here. If I'm correct, it was I who defeated you on the second episode of Showtime, Mr. "Philly has a thick skull".

Now a blend of laughing and cheers hummed from the crowd at Phillip's keen ear.

However, you're right. I did say exactly that. I said: "There's no really saying for sure. I mean, do I want to? Of course. But there's no guarantees I will." However, I think you might of interpreted that wrong. I didn't directly state that I have no faith in my in-ring abilities, or that I believe I'm going to lose. But I don't want to be too cocky, because I've learned that's the wrong thing, and it's especially a good topic for trash-talking others. I mean, imagine if I said something like– "there's no doubt I'm going to win this Friday". Let's face it: you would never let me forget it if I said something like that. And here's a perfect example, Luke. "Phillip that tells me that you know you don't posses the skill to beat me 1...2...3." Luke, that completely contradicts yourself. Earlier you said: "And Josh, I beat him two out of those three times." That means I did beat you. It may have only been once, but it still means I "posses the skill to beat you 1...2...3."

This older side of Phillip sent cheers roaring from the audience.

However, no matter what the outcome will end up being this Friday on Showtime... always, no matter what... the show must go on.

More cheers erupted from the crowd, and Phillip grinned ever so slightly as he returned the microphone and began to exit the building.
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