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 When Will You Learn?

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Luke Lethal
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Luke Lethal

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When Will You Learn? Empty
PostSubject: When Will You Learn?   When Will You Learn? I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 8:03 pm

The scene fades in from black. The camera is zoomed in on the SWE World Championship. The camera then slowly zooms out and Luke is seen standing next to Josh Matthews. The crowd then boos. Luke has on his wrestling attire. His half of the SWE Tag Team Championships is strapped around his waist, while he holds his World Championship on his shoulder. Josh raises his microphone and he begins to speak.

Josh Matthews
Luke first, I want to congratulate you on your win at Sadistic Six two weeks ago. You succeeded in the first ever Sadistic Six Match, therefore becoming the first ever Sinister Wrestling World Champion. Now Luke tonight you will compete against your rival: Phillip Phillips.
The crowd cheers after hearing Phillips' name Now Luke if you win Phillip Phillips will never get another shot at your SWE World Championship until you reign as champion is over, but if you lose Phillips will be named the new number one contender. Your thoughts?

Luke chuckles. Josh raise the microphone towards Luke's mouth.

Luke Lethal
Josh how many times has Phillip Phillips met me inside this ring?

Josh lowers the microphone towards him.

Josh Matthews
Well you two met on the second Showtime, the third Showtime, and at Sadistic Six. So that's three times, but if you count tonight it will be four.

Josh raise the microphone back to Luke Lethal

Luke Lethal
And Josh, I beat him two out of those three times. Now I'm wondering when will Phillip get it through that thick skull of his that he will never beat me?! See Josh ever since I beat Phillips at the second episode of Showtime nothing but good things has happened to me. David Broom and I won the SWE Tag Team Championships and I became the first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Champion just like I said I would. And Phillip on the other hand lost every match he has competed in since Showtime number two. Recently I just watched you interview Phillips, you asked him if he thinks that he's going to win? He said this and I quote: "There's no really saying for sure. I mean, do I want to? Of course. But there's no guarantees I will." See Phillip that little piece of your words right there just tells me that you don't have any faith in your in-ring abilities at all. I mean if you don't guarantee that you will win how will your "fans" have any ounce of faith of you? Phillip that tells me that you know you don't posses the skill to beat me 1...2...3. And that's why tonight I will beat and make an example out of you tonight that this Age of Lethal won't be stopped anytime soon. Because Phillip, you can't DEFY DESTINY!!!

Luke walks off the set and the scene fades to black.

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When Will You Learn?
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