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 War has begun

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Michael London
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Michael London

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War has begun Empty
PostSubject: War has begun   War has begun I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 4:18 pm

The Camera zooms in on Michael London sitting in a chair and pondering what his next move is still not forgetting what happened to him at Sadistic Six losing his championship match without getting pinned. Michael London looks up at the camera, tooks a deep breath and begins to speak.
Michael London
I've been thinking about that night at Sadistic Six when Mr.Reckless won the Hardcore Championship without even pinning me to get the victory. He claims that he can beat me but he knows that's never going to happen. I've stated earlier that Mr.Reckless has crossed me by taking something that I believe that is mine. But when I left the ring I began to think...I thought that it's not about the title anymore, It's not about me becoming champ all that matters now is when I give Mr.Reckless a hell of a beating and make his life a living HELL.
Michael London chuckles a little
Michael London
Mr.Reckless this is a direct message to you everytime I see you or even think about you I am going to attack you it doesn't matter where but if your in my line of vision you're going to get your ass beat. Ever since that night I couldn't get my mind off of you but don't worry Mr.Reckless your not the only man that I'm going to be down I'm going to take out that peice of trash who got pinned in the first place. NO ONE WILL BE SAFE UNTIL YOU'RE GONE MR.RECKLESS I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND DESTROY IT SLOWLY PEICE BY PEICE BIT BY BIT UNTIL IT BECOMES NOTHING! Mr.RECKLESS WHEN BAD THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN TO YOU REMEMBER YOU BROUGHT IT UPON YOURSELF. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD MR.RECKLESS I'M DECLARING WAR AND AT YOUR MATCH THIS FRIDAY I WULL SHOOT THE FIRST BULLET.
Michael London calms down a little shook his head and chuckled and took a deepp breathe.
Michael London
Mr.Reckless your name fits you. You do things that no man has ever done before even though it may cost your life. You play the devil's game and you escape death over and over again. But this time you took too many chances. This time your luck has ran out. This time you are looking at the eyes of a possesed man because when we do have our match you will not face Michael London you are facing the devil himself and I promise you that I will repay you in full. All I can say now Mr.Reckless is that I hope you will be okay so I can do this all over again.
Michael London begins to laugh evily and the camera begins to fade out
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War has begun
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