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 Withness "The Awesome one" debut

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Mike Cole
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PostSubject: Withness "The Awesome one" debut   Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:10 am

The lights turn off as the crowd starts wondering whats happening

Suddenly a mysterious theme plays when a man is walking down to the ring with a microphone on his hand.

The man enters the ring and starts talking.

Mike Cole:

You may not know me as I´m here to introduce myself.......My name is........Mike Cole!
And I´m the most awesome person in this entire world

Cole starts pointing at random persons in the crowd and saying: I´m more awesome than you!!!

The crowd starts to boo Cole

Mike Cole:

You are just mad because you know its true.
Now as I was saying:
No one can stop me here I´m promising you that I will never loose a match and I mean NEVER since I´m the best wrestler here and in the WORLD!!!!!!
And if you dont beliebe me I will show you right now why I am the Best.
I´m throwing a challenge to anyone here in the crowd:

I dare any of you to step in the ring with me and try to beat me!!!!!

Cole waits for an answer when a brave man in the crowd stands up and walks to the ring.

Mike Cole:
Tell me little man whats your name?

The man answers............Chris.......sir.

Mike Cole:

Ok Chris lets see what you can do.......

Chris tries to punch Mike but he dodges the punch and hits him with the microphone!!!!!!Now Chris is KO as Cole gets him up and hits an Skull Crushing Finale!!!!!!!

Chris laids Knocked Out on the floor as the medics come down to the aid.

You see!!!! I just beated the crap outta Chris!!!
So............who´s next?

(TBC by a face)
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Withness "The Awesome one" debut
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