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 Far From Over

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Michael London
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PostSubject: Far From Over   Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:50 pm

Michael London's music hits and the lighting of the arena turns to gold. Michael London makes his appearance on the stage and the crowd begins to boo. Michael London was not affected by the negative response. Michael London closes his eyes and raised his arms and golden fireworks hits and at the end pyro begins to shower down. Michael London makes his way to the ring unhappy that he failed to capture the the Hardcore Championship. London enters the ring and grabs a mic then he begins to speak.
Michael London
SS was the debut of the greatest wrestler ever born in the history of mankind in my devut match I had dominated in the match but then a coward named Mr.Reckless has snatched the gold away from my grasp. And now he is the first ever Hardcore champion which that honor should be bestowed on to me but that didn't happen. I feel like that I have been denied, robbed of my championship match when he pinned the pathetic Erick Kasanova.
Michael London closed his eyes and smile and laughed a little and began to speak again
Michael London
In that match something had changed me completely it happened when I was busted wide open and the blood was coming down on my face. It was a feeling that I haven't felt for a while and that was a good fight I felt alive when that happened. The thing that pissed me off was when Mr.Reckless ended the match way too soon when he took the cowards way out and left with my title. After that night Mr.Reckless I've began to train even harder learned new moves and new ways to hurt people. I especially thought up brand new ways to punish you. You see Mr.Reckless earlier you said you have pinned me One Two Three but your damn wrong you didn't pin me. Mr.Reckless you have made a BIG mistake and that mistake will be the difference maker of your career and I hope that god holds me back when I get my hands on you because you would have wished that you had lost that match at SS. Heave my warning Mr.Reckless their is no one or nothing that will get in my ay and take what's mine. So when ever your ready to fight me again I'll be ready and I'll be more unpredictable than ever because I'm like an animal and I will continue to evolve.

Michael London drops the mic annd left the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Over   Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:02 pm

Good work right here.
Glad to see you didn't disappear lol Razz

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Far From Over
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