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 A message for Aaron Flash

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Reed Zimmer
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PostSubject: A message for Aaron Flash   Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:15 pm

Reed enters with a beer in one hand and a mic in the other.
He continues to walk down to the ring as he takes a sip of the beer.
Reed Zimmer
Aaron Flash last week on Showtime I showed you just what you are getting into and just to refresh your memory let me remind you.
Reed points at the tron
Reed Zimmer
Aaron that is only the beginning of things last week when you accepted my challenge you entered hell because on showtime I can and I will destroy you.
Reed takes the last sip of the beer and lightly tosses it out of the ring
Reed Zimmer
You know Aaron if I were you I would take my vitamins and say my prayers because if you don't you will not ake it out of Showtime!
Reed drops the mic and exits the ring and goes backstage
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A message for Aaron Flash
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