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 One More Match?

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Phillip Phillips
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PostSubject: One More Match?   Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:37 pm

The camera panned to a hallway backstage, that Phillip Phillips was walking down. He seemed to have a new appearance; adifferent hairstyle, and he had a beard that it seems he was growing before, but was longer now. He was wearing his street clothes; a plaid button-up shirt, worn jeans, and the usual black converse. He almost looked like a lumberjack, with all his facial hair and the similar clothing. As he was walking, Josh Matthews walked in front of him with a microphone, stopping Phillip dead in his tracks.

Phillip, this Friday on Showtime, you'll be having a match with Luke Lethal. If you don't win this, you won't get another SWE World Championship shot until his reign is over. Your thoughts?

He handed the microphone towards Phil, who raised an eyebrow at the sudden invasion of privacy.

Well, I'm not really sure what to think of it, to be honest. I mean, I worked so hard to get here, and now all of the sudden some sort of last-chance match? I mean, god knows how long Luke Lethal's reign is gonna be, so this is pretty much make it or break it.

Matthews recoiled the microphone back towards himself.

Well, do you think you're going to win?

He returned the microphone to Phillip, who pondered the question for a moment.

There's no really saying for sure. I mean, do I want to? Of course. But there's no guarantees I will, no matter how determined I am or how many times I say I will. Words can do a lot, but actions are even more impactful. I mean, in this business, everything is unpredictable. So many times you expect one thing, and another thing happens. You see, like I used to be, many are very casual. They just waltz out there and expect to win without putting any effort into anything. But I learned that was the wrong choice, and I learned it the hard way.

But Phillip, if you lose this match, you will never get another World title shot until Luke Lethal's championship reign is over.

Phil looked confused at Josh's comment.

Point being? As I said before, wrestling is unpredictable. I mean, if I do lose, god knows how long Luke's reign will be. For all we know, he could lose it the next week. But one thing's for damn sure: he won't have it forever.

Josh Matthews nodded slightly in agreement, and Phillip began to walk away. Josh Matthews, wanting to continue, followed Phillip and attempted to stop him.

So Phillip, are you saying that you think you're going to lose?

Phillip ignored Josh Matthews, not making eye contact as he pushed him away and continued on. Josh attempted to catch up with him, but eventually gave up and stopped. He shook his head towards Phillip, now off-screen, as the camera faded to black.
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One More Match?
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