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 Anton Hinston arrives

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Anton Hinston
Officially Sinister
Anton Hinston

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Anton Hinston arrives Empty
PostSubject: Anton Hinston arrives   Anton Hinston arrives I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 3:38 pm

Die Trying by Art Of Dying hits the PA system.
The fans are exited for who will come out but instead the every light in the arena goes out except a light pointing at the titatron. The word ''Hate'' is shown, but when the camera zooms out its clear that its a T-Shirt withe the word ''Hate'' is printed on.
The camera stops zooming before the face is shown.

Mystery man

I... Am... Here. I am here in Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. Right now you don't know who I am because...
Well you can't see my face.

The fans start cheering

Mystery man

Shut up! When I am talking you all have to shut up! Listen to my words of wisdom. I am the one person on this roster that is worth listening to.

The fans start booing
Mystery man

I said shut up! Phillip Phillips said that he was ''better than me''
Really? He is not better nor will he ever be, better than me. Because I am... Anton Hinston.

The camera zooms out again and the face of no other than Anton Hinston is shown.

Anton Hinston

You probably know me from ICW where is was the the most dominant ICW champion ever. You might know me from HDW where... Well let's be honest I sucked. Maybe you know me from GCW or WWC... No matter if you know me from any of them or not, I still will... Dominate. No matter who I will face in my first match, I still will... Dominate and destroy them. And if not... Then I will Die Trying

Die Trying re-hits the PA system and the camera fades black


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 3 | Draw: 0||

Anton Hinston arrives Wi53b4
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Anton Hinston arrives
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