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 A Brighter Future

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Phillip Phillips
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PostSubject: A Brighter Future   Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:47 pm


A very familiar song to the SWE universe played. However, it was familiar in a different way than normal. A new superstar, perhaps? But no, it was Phillip Phillips accompanying the world-famous song. However, the crowd didn't cheer as usual. They provided a moment of silence, with Phillip's loss at Sadistic Six in mind. With a poker face, Phillip didn't seem to be thinking about it; if so, he certainly wasn't showing anything. Today, Phillip had his street clothes on; a Violent Impact t-shirt paired with a black blazer of sorts, faded grey jeans and worn black Converse sneakers. His facial expression remained frighteningly serious as he proceeded down the ramp and finally into the ring. Once enclosed by the ropes of the squared circle, he bent down and was given a microphone through the bottom rope by an SWE staff member at ringside. He took a deep breath before slowly raising the microphone. He held it to his lips for a moment before finally speaking. The crowd remained deathly silent as he finally spoke.

Luke Lethal is the new and first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Champion.

After Phillip said this, it didn't take long for the silence to break. The crowd erupted in deafening boos, but Phil acted as if they were silent as they were when he entered.

Don't expect me to complain. But I sure as hell am not congratulating Luke either. Yes, I'm disappointed. I'm not gonna lie. In fact, I'm more than disappointed. But we're not gonna go there.

The crowd silenced again, confused by Phil's actions. He wasn't acting normal...

You see, I will never be able to be the first ever SWE World Champion. No matter how many times I actually win the championship, I will never be the first. There's no turning back now. I lost my chance.

He paused, yet kept the same expression throughout his whole "lecture", of sorts.

But it was a good experience for me. I mean, it really wasn't, but it made me realize something. It made me realize that I'm not putting my everything into this business like I should be. I'm not trying my hardest or doing my best. I'm providing minimal effort, but I shouldn't be. I should give this my all, and after losing that title shot, I realized just that. And I've also realized my losing streak. 1-4.

The crowd interrupted his train of thought with more boos, this time directed towards his losing streak.

Don't boo. It's my own fault. The thing is, I need to step my game up. I can't let this happen to me. I can't keep doing this to myself. Tonight, I will be in my fourth main event match. Out of five matches I've been in. But this only proves that the booker likes me. Just because I'm in the main event doesn't mean I'm gonna win. But this time, I'm determined to make it so.

Once again, there was silence all throughout the arena.

Now, just watch as Luke Lethal goes on about this.

Phillip began to mimic what he predicted Luke to say:

"Oh, did you see Phillip Phillips' promo? Yeah, he's such an egomaniacal jackass. We all know he is more pissed than ever about losing to me, the best in the world. Hurr durr, I even saw him complaining backstage. Yeah, he actually attaked me out of anger at one point backstage, hurrrrrrrrr." Or some bullshit like that.

Phillip chuckled slightly at the thought of it, then continued.

Anyways, mark my words: from now on, I will strive to do my best and be better than the rest every single day from this point on. You just watch. Because, no matter how many times I fall down, I will just keep getting back up again.

The crowd seemed about to make some noise, assuming Phillip was finished. But before they could do anything, he raised the microphone one last time.

The show must go on.

Now, after a series of negative reactions, the crowd cheered, excited to see Phillip so determined, not that his matches weren't already good enough. After displaying the same facial expression throughout the whole promo, Phillip began to smile as he returned the microphone and walked up the ramp.

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A Brighter Future
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