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 Disastrous Debut

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Eli Thomas
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Eli Thomas

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PostSubject: Disastrous Debut   Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:46 pm


An unfamiliar song to the SWE universe hit the speakers. Accompanying it was a behemoth of a man wearing plain black wrestling trunks reading "The Disaster" on the back in orange text, and black boots; nothing else. He marched down the ramp, his massive feet rattling the arena. Finally, he dragged himself up to the apron and pushed down the rope, allowing him to step over the top and enter the ring. He requested a microphone from an SWE official, and then stared at the crowd before raising it to his lips.

You don't know who I am, do you? I can tell, you people are quieter than a mute mouse.

The crowd continued to remain silent as a "mute mouse".

What a shame.

He shook his head, then shrugged.

I am "The Duke of Disaster" Eli Thomas. And my name tells the truth. I am a disaster, that will wreak havoc on the SWE roster.

He glared furiously at really nothing in particular, just to look tough. The audience was still unsure how to react.

But, like everyone else I, unfortunately, have to work my way up. So, my first victim is the new Television Champion, David Broom.

Now the crowd booed at the mere sound of David Broom's name.

...which really shouldn't be a problem. "Television Champion" my ass. I will tear that title off his goddamn waist if I have to. If all else fails, I can just F5 his ass straight to hell.

The crowd seemed almost frighted at just the thought of any man decimating someone as viciously as he had described, but at the same time they were interested, possibly even excited to rid the title of David Broom.

So, to sum this all up for your tiny, pathetic brain: David, I will whup your ass from here to Green Bay and back no matter how many of your butt buddies stand in my way. And if you even think of getting your boyfriend to try to protect you, don't even bother; I'll just plow through him. Anything to get rid of you.

He glanced smugly at the stage before throwing the microphone out of the ring. An SWE staff member at ringside stumbled to catch it as Eli Thomas exited the building.

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Disastrous Debut
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