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 Destiny Can (and will) Be Defied

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Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips

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Destiny Can (and will) Be Defied Empty
PostSubject: Destiny Can (and will) Be Defied   Destiny Can (and will) Be Defied I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 5:02 pm


Phillip Phillips walked out to the usual cheering crowd. He decided to wear his wrestling gear this time; a pair of tights donning the Sadistic Six colors, green and white. However, after he and Anton's "breakup" (for lack of a better word), his chest remained uncovered without a P2H t-shirt. As always, he had a microphone in hand, and from this the crowd knew he had something to say. He seemed to be anxious to speak, for he began talking before he even proceeded up the steel steps.

Now, the other day, Luke Lethal apparently had some things to say to me...

He paused for a moment, going over what Luke Lethal had said in his head.

First of all, he's trying to make me sound stupid. Which is really backfiring. Come on, Luke. Of course I believe I'll walk out of Sadistic Six the World Heavyweight Champion. In fact, I don't believe, hell no. I know. And you know what my main goal for that match is? For you to be my very last opponent to pin, in order to become SWE World Champion.

He smirked.

But wait, there's more! Now you're gonna start being racist, huh? You know, Luke, it's guys like you that are the reason foreigners think of Americans as egomaniac, biased, narcissistic jackasses. I mean, you really shouldn't be talking. From what I can tell, you didn't even graduate from college.

The crowd laughed, and Phillip chuckled along with them.

Oh, and now you're going around thinking I'm cutting "half a promo"? Luke, my segment was not only more entertaining, but at least a minute or so longer than yours. And Luke, you really shouldn't be talking about backing things up in the ring. Come on Luke, your five cliché moves of doom don't scare me, and couldn't even take down my 32 moves of doom. And yes, I counted.

The crowd cheered after a long moment of silence during his lecture.

And just for the record, who gives a shit how old my fans are? I mean, I'm sure plenty of them are in the age range of 4 to 10, but who cares? It's these people, that I love and love me, that motivate me to kick the asses of losers like you and your girlfriend David Broom. I mean, look at all these people!

He turned towards the crowd, and spun around in the ring, stretching his arm out to point out the millions of people donning Phillip Phillips signs and merchandise, all cheering his name.

I mean, don't lie to yourself, Luke. Let's face it: we all know you're just jealous.

He smirked, and the crowd erupted with cheering one final time as Across the Nation blared through the arena again, and he tossed away the microphone before exiting the ring.

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Destiny Can (and will) Be Defied
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