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 Historic Debut

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Michael London
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Michael London

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PostSubject: Historic Debut   Historic Debut I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 8:30 pm

In the middle of the ring Michael London stands in the ring with a mic in hand with the spotlight on him. The SWE fans started to chant you suck and Michael London looks around at the audience who showing there hatrated towards him. Michael London brings the mic to his mouth.
Michael London
Hello SWE fans my name is Michael London and I'm Sinister Wrestinling Entertainment's newest acquisition. I've decided to come here because I want to know if this company can live up to the hype that I heard about sooo much that I should bless you all with my talent. You see ever since I started training to be a wrestler everyone knew that I am the man who can be the greatest wrestler of all time. They say that I was born to be a champion that I would be the greatest champion in all of pro wrestling. So it doesn't matter who gets in the ring with me no one can deny me of what I was born to set out to acheive and that is to be a world champion and there is no human being on this roster let alone this planet that can stop me from acheiving that goal.
The crowd starts to chant you suck again and again. Michael London smiled and began to talk again
Michael London
But the reason why I'm out here is because I was informed that I have been added into the Hardcore championship match at the Sadistic ppv. So now you will all see a historic debut of Michael London when he goes into Sadistic and wins the Hardcore championship. Me winning that title is only a formality what's yet to come. This would be the beginning of the rise of Michael London and soon you will see me being the world champion. So at Sadistic will be the beginning of the Michael London era and you will all see how great I really am when the Hardcore championship is around my wasit.
Michael London drops the mic and his music hits. Michael Lodnon mouthed off to the camera "this is the beginning of something great burn in my light and maybe one day that you all will worship my greatness and realize that I'm here to stay."
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Historic Debut
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