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 Real face getting shown

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Anton Hinston
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Anton Hinston

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Real face getting shown Empty
PostSubject: Real face getting shown   Real face getting shown I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 10:13 am

Anton Hinston's music hits and the second it starts, the fans goes wild.
The moment Anton get's out from behind the curtains, the fans starts cheering ''Join the HateClub'' over and over again.
He walks out in his wrestling attire; black kickpads, black trunks, black elbow tape and a new piece of clothing, a black armband on his upper arm with the word ''HateClub'' on it. He also wear the P2H T-Shirt, the Anton Hinston version.
He slaps hands with the fans in attendance, before sliding under the ropes. He gets an mic from the SWE ring personnel. The cheering gets louder but after a while they quiet down, so Anton can start speaking.

Anton Hinston
First of all I wanna say how glad I am about being here, at Sadistic Six!
I can't wait to beat the living crap out of my opponents tonight, inside of the steel cage, the prison, the Sadistic Six!
I won't care if I bleed or have a concussion, I will walk out of the Staples Center, The SWE World Champion.
Matt can't help me inside that cage. Phillip won't help me 'cause he want to win too, I understand that...

He takes a break to catch his breath

Anton Hinston
I understand that I have to do it alone inside of that sadistic cage... And I'll do it for every single one of you!

Anton points at the fans and they cheer wildly

Anton Hinston
I'll do it for the HateClub..

He takes the mic down and starts walking around the ring

Anton Hinston
So Philly has been on a row lately.. Not the losing streak, the ''Calling-People-Nasty-Stuff'' row.
Laken a whore, Luke a gay ass-kisser and me a no talented wrestler.. He said and I qoute:
''You see, there are so many things I have that all those other men don't. Talent, charm, charisma, power, strength, skill, experience... they all have... nothing.''
Thanks, Philly. No talent, no charm, no charisma, no power or strength and a lack of skill.
Thanks, Philly. We're done.

Anton Hinston rips of his P2H shirt and throws it out in the audience

Anton Hinston
And finally, I can tell the truth. I don't give a shit about you fans, you sicken me, just like Phillip Phillips.
I will win at Sadistic Six because I am the Danish-Dream and I am the best damn wrestler around..
But everybody wants someone to help them. I got Matt but I would like nothing else than to join the New Era.
The ball is in your court.

He drops the mic and a loud booing start. Die Trying re-hits and Anton exits the ring.
The camera fades black


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 3 | Draw: 0||

Real face getting shown Wi53b4
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Real face getting shown
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