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 Time To Collect More Gold

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David Broom
Next Big Thing
David Broom

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Time To Collect More Gold Empty
PostSubject: Time To Collect More Gold   Time To Collect More Gold I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 11:41 pm

Josh Mathews is standing by with David Broom and Laken in front of the Sadistic Six banner. David is holding his SWE Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder.

Josh Mathews, here along with one-half of the SWE Tag Team Champions, representing the New Era, "The Sundance Stud" David Broom, along with his girlfriend, Laken. David, both you and Luke Lethal have the opportunity to collect even more championship gold as he attempts to win the SWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Sadistic Six Match, while you compete against Sean Classic, and this time, with the SWE Television Title on the line.

You know, everyone was talking about how great Sean Classic was, how he's a legend in this business, blah, blah, blah. Well last week on Showtime, he made one wrong move, and BAM! I knocked him out cold with the DDT and pinned him in the middle of that ring: 1... 2... 3. Granted, the Television Title wasn't on the line in that match, but I did end his undefeated streak, and my undefeated streak is still intact.

Don't you think, though, that this match will be a lot tougher this time around now that the Television Title is on the line?

You know, great wrestlers never take the night off. Sean Classic made the mistake of not taking last week's match too seriously since he had nothing to lose, save for his undefeated streak. He got complacent, and David beat him from pillar to post. Of course, we're expecting this match to be tougher with the title on the line. But I have complete confidence in David to win the title and add more gold to the New Era's collection.

And I don't want Sean Classic taking the night off tonight. I want him to hit me with everything he has. I want him to try to beat me within an inch of his life. That way, when I beat him for the Television Title, he'll have no choice but to say, "David Broom, you are indeed a better wrestler than me." A New Era is upon us in SWE. It started with Luke Lethal and I winning the Tag Team Titles, and it will continue with me winning the Television Title, and later on, Luke winning the World Heavyweight Title. Remember, diamonds are forever... and so is the New Era.
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Time To Collect More Gold
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