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 Superior Sadistic

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Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Superior Sadistic   Superior Sadistic I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 10:35 pm


The crowd exploded in joyful applause and cheering, it seemed, at the exact same moment Phillip Phillips' entrance music hit the speakers. He grinned and high-fived their outstretched hands as he walked down the ramp. Today he decided to dress slightly more formal than usual for Sadistic Six, donning his slightly classier than usual street clothes. After taking his sweet time to proceed down the ramp, he walked up the steep steps to enter the ring. Once in the ring, the crowd raised their voices; by now, Phillip's theme song was barely audible due to the ruckus of the crowd. He leaned over and was given a microphone by an SWE official at ringside. Upon receiving his microphone, he turned around and returned to the center of the ring. When he raised the microphone, signalling that he was prepared to speak, the crowd silenced.

So I guess you guys are excited to see me, huh?

He chuckled, and the crowd began to cheer again.

Well, I don't blame ya; unless you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, you'd know that I'm one of the six men to compete in the Sadistic Six match for the World Heavyweight Championship at SWE's very first pay-per-view. Not only all those things, but it's the main event, too.

The crowd was more excited than ever to finally see Phillip in such a significant match.

Now, I know I've been kind of on a losing streak lately–

He was interrupted by the crowd's boos, disappointed at his frequent losses.

–but I'm more determined than ever this time. I'm not gonna lie; I've been a little lazy in my matches so far here in SWE, but I'm determined to change that. Upon discovering that I've been included in such an important match in this company's history, I've realized how lucky I am. I realized I'm so much luckier than the poor, sad souls fighting for merely the Television or Hardcore Championship. Sure, it's nice to just have a championship at all, but to be fighting in a match with such significance as mine, and for the World Heavyweight Championship, too... you realize what you've got.

He paused and ran a hand through his hair, staring into space, lost in his train of deep thoughts.

Anyways, I'm boring you to death by now, aren't I?

He grinned slightly and barely chuckled.

So, let's talk about something more interesting... Luke Lethal. I mean, he's really anything but interesting, but I can make someone as boring and repetitive as him main event-worthy... if I wanted to. You see, the other day, Luke Lethal claimed to be able to sell "thousands and millions of tickets". Well, let me tell you something, Luke. Sitting there and ranting on about how great you said you would be isn't gonna help anything. And do you really think kissing Mister Cross' ass by complimenting the other matches is gonna help you win or something? I mean, tell me, Luke. Do you really, honestly give a shit about anyone else's matches? Or are you just so convinced that you'll lose, that you're trying to make sure you'll get another title shot the next week? Because I wouldn't really blame you.

The audience booed at merely the sound of Luke Lethal's name, and Phillip shrugged.

I mean, really, Luke. You don't need to give us a whole play-by-play of what's gonna happen. We already know the match card, bud. No need to recite it for us again.

By now, the crowd was chanting– "LETHAL LOSER"– over and over again, repeating it in between claps. Phillip grinned at their amusing reaction, and briefly played along.


He laughed, then briefly silenced the crowd once he continued.

Anyways, to sum everything up: come Friday night, I will walk out of Staples Center with the Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Championship strapped around my waist, and five men laying motionless inside of a brutal, unforgiving steel structure.

His expression turned very serious now. The crowd began to cheer once more as his music played for a second time, and Phillip dropped the microphone before exiting the ring and then the arena.

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Superior Sadistic
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