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 Enigmatic Broski's Debut!

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My new name?
Raymond Hardyac
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Willow Hardyac
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Mr. Reckless
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Reckless Enigma
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Enigmatic Broski
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PostSubject: Enigmatic Broski's Debut!   Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:24 pm

The Enigmatic Broski comes out in street clothes,all black,like a punk.

"Now,Im new here.And I was originaly supposed to debut a few weeks ago,but I failed to appear due to flight difficulties.I know,you guys will hate me for that.But Im human,I make mistakes.Now lets get on the right track here.Now,Ive come back,and XTREME than ever before.As I leave destruction in this ring,I will never leave untill I make the fans happy.And thats my job.Hell,if you guys here in the crowd weren't here right now,the guys in the back or even I would be here!"

*Hardyac leaves and a video package is now seen on the tron*

"Right now,I have a match at SS.Its a dream come true to me!And belive me when I say its just a begining of a new era.The Hardyac Era.Watch as I perform to amaze you all.Your's truely the Enigmatic Broski,ours truely,this life!"

*And the screen goes to static,the crowd is speechless*
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Enigmatic Broski's Debut!
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