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 I Equal Ratings

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Luke Lethal
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Luke Lethal

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PostSubject: I Equal Ratings   I Equal Ratings I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 9:13 pm

This Friday Night Sinister Wrestling Entertainment will debut it's first Pay-Per-View: Sadistic Six. Anton Hinston, Phillip Phillips, Rocky Ali, Sean Classic, and Luke Lethal are the five known competitors wrestling in the Sadistic Six Main Event. A triple threat between Johnny English, Mercy Montanna, and Reed Zimmer will determine the sixth man in the Main Event. For Luke Lethal this could be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. If he wins at Sadistic Six and becomes the first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Champion, he will prove that he is not only the best in the world, but the future of the wrestling business.

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead blast throughout the arena. And as usual the Sinister Wrestling Entertainment Universe show their hatred towards "The Lethal One". Luke walks out from the entrance curtains. With his wrestling gear on and SWE Tag Team Championship strapped on his waist, Luke stops on the stage and just stares at the fans. He then stares at the ring. In just a few hours he will be in that very ring clashing with other superstars over the right to call themselves the Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Champion. Luke smirks and walks down the ramp giving the fans sick looks. He slides into the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle. He taunts the fans one last time before he begins to speak. He gets a microphone from a SWE employee and starts to talk.

Luke Lethal
"Later on tonight you all will witness history, because in the Main Event here at Sadistic Six I will become the first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World...Champion!
The fans boo And to make my historic championship victory more special I will put a few superstars on the Injured Reserved list as well! See the very first time I came out here to talk to you ungrateful degenerates I said that my name alone would sell thousands and make millions want to watch. And as a man of my word millions tuned in and thousands of tickets were sold."

Luke lowers the microphone and smiles. He raises it back up and speaks again.

Luke Lethal
"Tonight the one and only Mister Cross has put together a card that is designed to entertain you all, even though all of you know you paid to see me do what I do best, and that is win of course. Tonight Sadistic Six will open up with a triple treat match to crown the first ever Hardcore Champion. The losers competing will be Erick Kasonova, Raymond Paradox, and Michael London. Now I'm going to warn you all by telling you right now that this will be the most boring match of the night. I mean all three of these ass-clowns have no talent whatsoever. Cross you should have just put me, Luke Lethal against these three in a gauntlet match for the Hardcore Championship. See that right there is the perfect show opener."

Luke Laughs and continues to talk.

Luke Lethal
"In the second match of Sadistic Six you have Johnny English versus Mercy Montanna versus Reed Zimmer. And the winner will get the chance to get demolished in the Main Event by Luke Lethal himself. The fans begin to boo loudly See Girls I don't really care who wins this match because at the end of the day the Main Event results will not change. The results will be me raising that SWE World Championship up high above my head, while my opponents go back to their locker rooms all sore and tender because they just got the hell beat out of them by 'The Lethal One'!"

The fans start chanting the infamous "You Suck" chants and Luke Lethal gives off a sick expression on his face. He waits for them to calm down before talking again.

Luke Lethal
"Next we have Sean Classic going head-to-head with the member of New Era, 'The Sundance Stud' David Broom! There is no doubt that Sean is gonna get his ass handed to him by David. I mean Sean lost to David in a non-title match last week. See David will become the new Television Champion tonight because like me, David is not only the present, but the future of this business!"

The fans boo again, but Luke just continues to speak.

Luke Lethal
"Finally we have the Main Event. Myself, Anton Hinston, Phillip Phillips, Sean Classic, and Rocky Ali are 5 of the 6 guys in this match. Now I want you all to think about what will happen to SWE if Anton, Phillip, Sean, or Rocky becomes World Champion. I see ticket sales and Friday Night Showtime views declining in a rapid succession. Therefore, Sinister Wrestling Entertainment will lose alot of money and with no money SWE will have to close down shop and every ingrate in the back will have to find work elsewhere. This time I want all of you to think about what will happen when I become the first and only SWE World Champion. I see Friday Night Showtime time getting millions upon millions watching faithfully every Friday Night. I see a line of SWE Action Figures and Video Games. You can basically say that when I became World Champion Sinister Wrestling Entertainment will be known as a Wrestling Empire! Ladies and Gentleman I will become your new SWE World Champion because you can not and will not DEFY DESTINY!!!"

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead replays and the fans boo at the top of their lungs. Luke shows off a sick smile before exiting the ring. He walks to the stage and looks back at the crowd. He taunts them and he walks backstage. The scene then fades to black.

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I Equal Ratings
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