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 Old man, going down

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Anton Hinston
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Anton Hinston

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Old man, going down Empty
PostSubject: Old man, going down   Old man, going down I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 3:27 pm

The camera shows Anton Hinston sitting on a chair in his locker room.
He is wearing his wristling attire, black kickpads, black trunks, black elbow tape and a P2H T-Shirt.
The Anton Hinston version. He look deeply into the camera and start talking:

Anton Hinston
So Doug Davis huh?
'Dangerous' Doug Davis huh?
Come on Cross, give the man a week of rest he's almost 80.

The fans cheer and laugh of Anton's funny joke. Even Anton laugh.

Anton Hinston
In all seriousness, Doug... Don't show up 'kay?
'Cause if you do I wont let you go easy, no, no. I'll beat you so bad you wont make it to Sadistic Six.
Oh wait. You aren't scheduled to be there, at Sadistic Six, are you? Look at me. I'm the 'Danish-Dream', a scheduled superstar at Sadistic Six where I will win the Sinister Wrestling Entertainment World Championship and bring it home to Denmark with pride.

The Fans cheer and some start singing ''Join the HateClub, Join the HateClub''

Anton Hinston
Reed Zimmer..

The fans boo

Anton Hinston
I know, I know, he got an edge. Put after this friday.. He got no egde and no career, 'cause I'll end his career and with no career, you all don't need to listen to him. There goes his edge.
The 'Danish-Dream' has spoken!
Fans cheer and the camera slowly fades black


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 3 | Draw: 0||

Old man, going down Wi53b4
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Old man, going down
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