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 Time to Make you Famous

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Luke Lethal
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PostSubject: Time to Make you Famous   Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:32 pm

Last week on the 3rd edition of Friday Night Showtime the team of Luke Lethal and David Broom went toe-to-toe against Phillip Phillips and Anton Hinston in a tag team match to determine the first ever Sinister Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Champions. The match had the SWE Universe on the edges of their seats, but in the end New Era won and they were crowned the first ever SWE Tag Team Champions. Now this Friday Night on Showtime Luke Lethal will face Erick Kasonova in his debut match.

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead blast throughout the American Airlines arena. There isn't a single Luke Lethal fan in this arena. Luke walks out from the curtains wearing his wrestling attire and a Kobe Bryant Jersey and his SWE Tag Team championship on his shoulder. He walks down the ramp with a sick smile on his face. He stops at the end of the ramp and glaces at the thousands of fans in attendance. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He gets a microphone from Lauren Brooke and begins to speak.

Luke Lethal
"Last week on Showtime David Broom and I-"

The fans cutoff Luke in mid-sentence and they begin to chant "Kobe Sucks!", "Kobe Sucks!", "Kobe Sucks!"

Luke Lethal
"If Kobe sucked why would he be a five time NBA Champion, NBA MVP, and a two time NBA Finals MVP? Instead of saying Kobe sucks how 'bout saying LeBron sucks. I mean he's been playing basketball for nine years and he still hasn't won a single NBA Championship. He even switched to a team with 2 other elite basketball players and he still or should I say they didn't deliver!
The fans begin to boo and Luke just laughs. And the funny part about it is that when Queen James came here to this drug infested city known as Miami all of you thought that he would help Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh get another NBA Title."

Luke lowers the microphone and Laughs again. He raises it back up and begins to speak.

Luke Lethal
"Now as I was saying before I got interrupted by all of you ignorant Hippocrates The fans boo again Last week on Showtime David Broom and I became the first two men to ever capture what I have across my shoulder. We became the first ever SWE Tag Team Champions! And when we won you people didn't show us an ounce of respect. You didn't say to us 'congratulations' or 'nice match'. All you people did was boo us and thrown trash into our ring. But it's ok I'm not gonna take my anger out on you ass-clowns, no tonight I'm just gonna take out all my anger and frustration out on Erick Kasonova."

Luke Lethal
"Erick I highly advise you not to show up tonight. As a matter of fact don't even bother coming to Miami because nothing good is going to come out of it. Erick tonight in your SWE debut you will go into the Sinister Wrestling Entertainment record books by getting your career ended before it even started!"

"Pain" by Hollywood Undead replays. Luke drops the microphone and exits the ring. He walks up the ramp and onto the stage. He turns around, looks at the fans, and he raises his SWE Tag Team Championship high up in the air. The scene then fades to black.


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Time to Make you Famous
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