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 It's the debut of the one and only

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It's the debut of the one and only Empty
PostSubject: It's the debut of the one and only   It's the debut of the one and only I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2011 6:55 pm

.....The Camera gets a close up of SWE's newest acquisition's star, the man, that goes by the name of Rocky Ali, He looks to the camera with a big smirk on his face as if something big had happened. Camera is steadily at Rocky's face while he just warms up after a big workout, you can see Ali sweating throughout his body, he grabs a towel nearby, and starts wiping it off the palm of his face. Rocky then turns his head to the camera as if he was stunned. He then begins to say something..

Rocky Ali : Oh, so you must be looking at me? Because thats where the camera is staring at. Well, after doing this workout, i don't think i can take any interviews at this moment, i mean afterall i'm SWE's newest up and coming star and I'm a busy man. So, paparazzi, scram off. The camera turns away

But before the camera switches off he has something to say...

Rocky Ali : HA, I was just kidding. Do you honestly think i was serious about that? Nah, I'm better than that, But first, let me get a few things off my chest, I go by the name of Rocky Ali and i'm a third generation star in this thing what you call wrestling, even though in the past i was a football player, i hanged up by boots to become a star, and that's what i'm going to accomplish here in the SWE. I don't want anything less than that, So make it clear to everyone in the locker room that i'm the real deal truth to be told. Thank you for your time. Now it's off to my workout.

Rocky then begins his 1,000 push-ups as the camera fades away..

As were back underway you can see Rocky on the verge of finishing the push-ups as he looks into the camera...

Rocky Ali : Might i add I am a former champion in the now defunct XWF but i also was reigning European & Tag Team Champion in the federation, i was deemed the future of the company but it closed so from then on my eyes was still on the prize to this day, nothing is going to not make me go for my dreams as my first accomplishment today was SWE signing the one and only Rocky Ali and i promise you i won't dissapoint, one thing i also want to say, I Electrify. Remember that word why won't you. It's literally not just a word, it holds so much meaning, i'm telling you cause it has something to do with the future of this company. I Electrify like ne ver before and i promise you, your going to see me electrifying these next few weeks here in the SWE. I Deem to be the future of this company and i will show you just that in the ring, in every promo im in, and every segment that i adhere. Rocky Ali has made his own presence here in the SWE and he vows it isn't going to be easy taking him down.

As The Camera fades away there is a recap showing all of Rocky's past as champion in XWF before making his start here in the SWE. You can see him holding the company's European title and at one point also holding the Tag Team title around his waist what it looks to be segmented.

Rocky Ali : I've got everything you need, want, and anything else that comes to mind, I am the Electrifying One.

I'm Coming Home by Alter Bridge plays while you see a recap history of Rocky Ali's past accolades.

There is mostly flashbacks of Rocky Ali's career and how it came to be there is one match where he makes his debut against a local opponent and you can see Rocky wrestling throughout his career. While the video plays you can hear Rocky's voice saying "I deem to be the future of this company, I will bring it like never before, rest assure that folks."
The recap ends as you can see the ref holding up Rocky's hands after winning a championship match in the now defunct XWF.

Rocky Ali : At SWE's next PPV Sadistic Six, be warned as there is two spots left in the PPV for the hunt for the SWE World Championship i will bring it like never before, But hey, am i hinting something? Maybe not. Who knows maybe a star like me who just made his debut in the efed have a world championship as a his record for being the first one to achieve so.. Let it be warned
The Screen fades to black
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It's the debut of the one and only
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