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Mercy Montanna
New Breed
Mercy Montanna

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PostSubject: Rebirth   Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:18 pm

(Still Fly by The Devil Wears Prada blasts all throughout the arena. The crowd is looking on but they don't know who it is just yet. A womanly figure walks out with a microphone in hand and she commands for the music to be cut. The music finally fades out and she has a little smirk on her face. She looks around at the crowd with a smug look and then she finally speaks)

Chassity - You see, Sinister Wrestling Entertainment is lacking something. It is lacking that fast-paced, attention getting one of a kind superstar. There is a man that goes by the name Mercy Montanna, he figured since everybody else wanted to act this dull boring way he might as well be apart of the crowd and join along. But then he soon realized that something just isn't right. He realized that HE should be the one on posters, he realized that HE should be the one main eventing week in and week out. So he took it upon himself, he took it upon himself to express his feelings and let out the real...Mercy Montanna....

(Still Fly by The Devil Wears Prada blasts throughout the arena again and the crowd erupts in boo's)

(Mercy Montanna grabs the mic from Chassity and he puts it to his mouth. The crowd boo's even louder and he waits for them to quiet down)

Mercy Montanna - Now now, calm down. What have I ever done to any of you to deserve SO MUCH hatred? You see, the thing about wrestling fans is that they are never satisfied, they want every single thing their way or they complain. But most of them don't realize the struggles that we go through each and every day. There is a reason why I really could care less for you all and that is the reason. You all jump to conclusions and you all think you know every aspect of the game when you truly don't. My goal is to be the greatest man to ever step foot in the SWE ring and I won't allow the so-called fans interfere in what I dream. I came out here the first night and you know what I did? I won, I defeated Daniel Red like I said I would but then weeks after that I simply got bored. I simply just lost touch with myself and I pretty much said whats the point. Then I realized, you can easily spice up the game, you can easily become that stand-out superstar on Showtime because if you look at this roster who do we really have that puts on a good fight? We have people like 'Dangerous' Doug Davis who belongs in the zoo rather than the wrestling ring, we have the so called New Era who needs 10 people to back them up to win a match, and then we have people like Anton Hinston and Phillip Phillips who are pretty much the butt buddies here in Sinister Wrestling Entertainment. I realize that alot of people in Sinister Wrestling Entertainment rely on other people just to accomplish things here, me, I want to do things my way, I want to go on this road and accomplish things under myself because that is simply the right way to do it. I lost my touch for a couple weeks but now that I got my head back in the game it is time for me to take back what is mine and that is Friday Night Showtime. As I sat back and did pretty much nothing I noticed people like my opponent Phillip Phillips getting in that main event, making you all scream at the top of your lungs for the dude. What is so impressive about Phillip Phillips? What is it? He is nothing but an overhyped superstar that should be shining my boots instead of competing in the main event week after week after week which he never seems to win, or atleast win the right way. I plan on going out to that ring and showing him what REAL talent is, he's been able to get these lucky breaks these past couple of weeks but I'm telling you it will be a different story October 7th. The best advice I give to him is to realize that I am not that normal superstar, I am simply the best thing he has stepped up against in a long time. Bring your A-Game because I am bringing mine.

(Mercy Montanna drops the mic on stage and takes Chassity backstage as his theme blasts and the camera fades)
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Luke Lethal
Officially Sinister
Luke Lethal

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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth   Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:40 pm

I like the new Mercy Montanna. Keep it up. clapclap


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